May 23, 2022

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Interactive map to honor 50 Quebec women

Interactive map to honor 50 Quebec women

They found their name in a park, a street or lakes, people like Margarita Bourgeois, Pauline Julian or Robertin Barry who traced the history of Quebec. But where can we find these places that bear their names?

Interactive map Created by the Commission de Toponimi it provides travel for 50 women and places to pay tribute to them.

Launched by the Quebec government on Sunday, this honorary directory of 500 official place names co-ordinates with International Women’s Rights Day by naming 17th-century eminent persons.E From the century to the present.

Map The great women of Quebec Allows you to find all the places related to the female historical figure in Quebec, along with a photo and description.

We found out that Montreal co-founder and nurse Jean Mans has 55 locations, including lakes, streets, parks and a village. They pass through ABTB-Temiscomming, Boss-Saint-Laurent, Montreal and C -te d’Ivoire.

Women who campaigned for social justice (Mary Lacoste Gerin-Lazoi, Idola Saint-Jean, Theres Forget-Cosgreen), their pen (Anne Hebert, Gabriel Roy), as well as journalists (Judith Jasmine), Myra Cree) and those who worked on the scene (Alice Robbie, Denise Pelletier, Emma Albany).

“We go and look at our street, our neighborhood and it makes it very important to find women,” said Chantal Bouchard, a spokeswoman for the Commission de la Toponimi.

The Commission de la Toponymie supports municipalities in creating distinctive toponyms that have historical or heritage features. It provokes public curiosity and it is a tribute to these characters that M.A.To me Bouchard.

Simon Jolin-Barrett, the minister in charge of the French language, stressed that the tool would help expand his knowledge of Quebec’s builders. “Exploring this map is a new opportunity to appreciate the contribution of women from yesterday to today to the development of Quebec and the building of its identity,” he said in a press release.

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Isabelle Charest, a female colleague, emphasizes that recognizing this extraordinary Quebec women’s contribution “also contributes to promoting equality between women and men”.

In Quebec, 45,000 toponyms out of a total of 245,000 toponyms are monumental, emphasizing Chantal Bouchard. There are 4,500 place names that remind a woman.

Soon, other maps will be unveiled: one is the political history of Quebec and the other is the primitive Toponimi.