June 27, 2022

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Quarantine at hotel for land border, asks block

Quarantine at hotel for land border, asks block

(Ottawa) Believing some travelers are cheating the rules, Black Cubacois is now calling for hotel restrictions to be made mandatory by land border for travelers entering Canada.

Catherine Levsk
The Canadian Press

Three block members questioned the government about the program, which has been running since two weeks on Monday.

Photo by Justin Tang, Canadian Press

Block member Mary-Helen Goudrow.

“People fly into Burlington, get on a bus, cross the border and skip the mandatory detention at the hotel. […] Why don’t the same rules apply to all non-essential passengers? That makes sense, doesn’t it? Inaugurated by MP Mary-Helen Goudrow.

“Soon we will find that tourists are escaping their detention through Roxham Road,” his colleague Marilyn Gill said in a sarcastic tone.

House Speaker Pablo Rodriguez responded: “The federal government has enforced some of the toughest measures in the world, whether related to air travel or land borders. […] To protect all Canadians ”.

Photo by Adrian Wilde Archives the Canadian Press

Leader of the House Pablo Rodriguez

Black Cubacois Christina Michad denies that the situation in quarantine hotels is “confusing and dangerous”, with some preferring to pay a fine rather than being in one of these establishments.

Over the past few days, it has been revealed that a man has been officially sexually assaulted at one of these hotels. Hotel staff, overwhelmed by the influx of passengers on the plane, could not keep up with the demand.

Under the circumstances, is it wise to include travelers coming through the land border?

In an interview, MTo me Two weeks after the start of the mandatory quarantine at the hotel, Michad said the federal government had time to find solutions to a number of concerns. She now believes it is necessary to increase the number of hotels and issue more uniform instructions.

In his opinion it is a matter of public health. “People, as soon as they know the rules, they’re definitely going to do it. […] And they are more likely to bring back a virus or a variant of the virus, ”M. arguesTo me Michad.

Behind the scenes, he stressed that it is almost impossible for travelers coming through the land border to achieve mandatory detention at the hotel because there are so many points to enter the country. In comparison, international flights are directed to four airports.

What’s more, the vast majority of land border travel requires truckers or health workers to enter the United States.

Opposition groups were divided on the way forward for the hotel blockade; If the bloc wants to expand it, the Conservatives have called for the program to be discontinued due to a number of issues.

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