July 6, 2022

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United for French: A tribute to the writers who defended our language

United for French: A tribute to the writers who defended our language

Ten women from Quebec paid tribute to the magicians of words who defended the French language.

“It is important to keep the French language, my language and my culture. It’s our work tool, French, it’s the language I express, it’s my toolbox, so I don’t want it to rust, ”the author began laughing. Nearly 96-year-old screenwriter and host Janet Bertrand.

This lover of the Moliere language did not hesitate to take part in the project undertaken by the Society Saint-Jean-Baptist Mary-Anne Alleppey, actress, producer and president of the journal Claudia Larochel.


The two women wanted to do something special for International Women’s Day. Together, they wanted to pay tribute to those who “do magic with words” and their name is not known more often than their name.

They decided to invite women to come to life with the text “Elle” written by Mrs. LaRochel in collaboration with Mrs. Alleppey.

Poet, slammer, writer, author or narrator, people from all walks of life and different horizons come together with love of their words.

“We want to pay tribute to them because they write in French, they are the true ambassadors of the language. They play with words and deceive, construct sentences and the work they do is amazing,” Ms Alleppey explained.

“Mrs. Bertrand or Mrs.. [Joséphine] Bacon is moving, because they are true ambassadors of our language, and French is the language of our pride and our culture, ”she adds.

Keep the language alive

All these women say that the French language is practiced in the province, in addition to declaring their love, talking about their fear is one way of everything.

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“Right now, we see the decline of the French language in Quebec, so it is important to show that we want to fight for it. [la langue] Because it gives us life, ”adds Lorochel.

Mary-Anne Alleppey wonders about the future of the women of letters in Quebec if the French disappear.

“It’s their working language, so what happens if the French decline and anglicization continue at a high pace? It’s no longer just a question of French decline, it’s directly affecting them in their work as well,” she adds.

The fear shared by Janet Bertrand is that she feels she has worked all her life to preserve her language and culture.

“Our language is beautiful, our language is great and it will not freeze over time. It is constantly changing by adding new expressions while keeping the old ones. It’s a living language, it has to be kept alive,” she explains.

Summaries from the text

“The French language moved us from our first breath. It could be in the songs or through the sweet words. She wins us over to the point where she never wants to leave us again. She leads us to the other side, holds her hand. And she kisses him too …”

“Children tame it, young people change it, old people raise it like a proud flag. Printed by our culture, it will never leave us; a nation’s wedding symbol, a legacy to thrive, a transmission to infinity.”

“Thanks to the women of letters, the French language in Quebec is always ripe for a better tomorrow … Let’s protect and love our French.”

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