May 21, 2022

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Medical assistance in dying | A humorous order on negotiations

Medical assistance in dying |  A humorous order on negotiations

(Ottawa) The Liberal government, which has pledged support for Black Cubacos, introduced a motion notice Tuesday evening to limit debate in the House on a bill on medical assistance in death.

Melania MarquisMelania Marquis

Negotiations on the Senate amendments to Bill C-7 should therefore end this week, as Trudeau has found an ally in Black Cubaco విషయంలోs in this regard, according to government plans.

Black leader Yves-Franకోois Blanchett announced Tuesday morning that his party would vote in favor of the process if the Liberals introduced a time-consuming resolution to reduce minor debates on legislative measure.

This is because even though the principle of limiting parliamentary debate has departed from the “tradition” of training, it is not acceptable for this bill to continue to be “held hostage by the right wing” by conservatives. Mr Blanchett ruled at a press conference in Parliament that “it will stop”.

Quickly, the excursion was greeted by Pablo Rodriguez. “We need to move quickly and we are now happy to be able to count on Black’s support,” he wrote on his Twitter account, drawing a new arrow for the Conservative Party.

“We worked together for medical help when we died. But the Conservatives are blocking it. They have refused to discuss it 3 times in the evening. It will be an obstacle,” he lashed out at the elected official, alleging that the opposition had obstructed the legislative process in the Commons for weeks.

Due to the slow progress of his legislative progress and various other reasons (prognosis, pandemic), Justice Minister David Lametti had to ask the Quebec Superior Court for more time to comply with the Trochan judgment given in September 2019.

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The Liberals received the final extension from the Quebec court until March 26th.

At a press conference on Tuesday morning, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole did not speak clearly about the importance of respecting the deadline, arguing that it was the duty of the opposition to ask questions. Tory sources said that his forces would definitely oppose the time allotment motion.

Its legal critic, Rob Moore, said it was disappointing that Black Cubacos ‘support for limiting the debate on the Bill of Life and Death to limiting the legislature’s time to study and analyze it’.

In the New Democratic Party, leader Jagmeet Singh indicated that his party does not support the idea of ​​reducing the debate. He said the deadline for adopting C-7 was “important” but that the Liberal government needed to see members of parliament meet it.

Still, the vote result is closed; Liberals only need the support of one of the opposition parties to pass moves or bills.

The first draft of the law was introduced in February 2020. It was re-introduced last October, dying on the order paper due to the August 2020 prologue. The bill was passed in the House and later amended in the Senate.

The Trudeau government accepted the senators’ amendments, but rejected the others.

Conservatives in the Commons are opposed to the proposed amendment, which would ban the use of medical assistance in the death of anyone with a mental illness, 24 months after the law was passed.

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