May 25, 2022

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Big Brother Celebrities: Camille dares to betray the most and is uncomfortable with the public

Big Brother Celebrities: Camille dares to betray the most and is uncomfortable with the public

It has been several weeks since Camille indicated that she was angry at Kevin Big Brother Celebrity. Although he rescued her during the veto challenge last week, she decided to put him in danger this Thursday, blaming him for his bad attitude since the competition started.

She convinced him that she would leave the situation intact, but instead replaced Richardson with Kevin at the veto ceremony. After she announced her decision, Kevin got up and went to cry out in confession, before coming out calmly to confront her. He did not reverse this development at all and his outrageous grief caused a great deal to the audience.

On social media, people are happy that there is finally some action at home Big Brother Celebrity, But sorry for Kevin being deceived by his strong friend. Fans of the show are hopeful for the former candidateProfessional double Liberation wins the trial. Thus, he can chase Camille and harm his game and his chances of winning. In an ad for the Sunday episode, he can also be seen practicing with eggs in the gym. ” [Si je reviens avec la rédemption], JI’m struggling to be the owner and I’m going to keep her on the block », He declares.

The fact that Kevin was dancing for pleasure with Kamil Kim after breaking the news with tears in her eyes did not help her sympathetic capital. Kim’s attitude positively reinforces Camille’s decisions by saying she has. ” Large balls like Claude’s head Not too popular with fans either.

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Next Sunday the gala will be even bigger and we can’t wait to see how Kevin digests it after a good night’s sleep. Does the lion roar?

Remember Maxim told us that he wanted to see Kevin talk about Camille’s wickedness behind him, but he did not; See why here. Maybe he should have …