May 22, 2022

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“Star Academy”: Back to the basics for the 2012 finalists

“Star Academy”: Back to the basics for the 2012 finalists

“We said we’d meet in 10 years,” Patrick Bruel announced. This is what the finalists of the 2012 edition of the “Star Academy” experienced, they will find on Sunday the shape they saw being born professionally, a nostalgic number with new academics.

“It gives me so many fond memories,” Jean-Marc Koucher (2012 winner) said in a heartfelt voice. These days I’m really feeling nostalgic! This is a completely crazy adventure! In a very short amount of time, we did a lot of work on albums, on a tour … we sang with Lionel Richie, Jason Mraz, Johnny Holiday. Later, I sang with Celine Dion at Abraham Grounds. To this day, it remains a dream. This is still untrue. ”


This Sunday, Pierre Lapoint, along with Sylvain Cossett (for segment tribute to the Queen), will dance with participants in the hat-trick for the 25-year-old album “Falling Into You”, by Celine Dion, of “Star Academy 2012” Six of the candidates are Jean-Marc Couture, Sophie Pelletier, Oliver Dion, Melissa Bedard, Andrian A. Mallet and Andy (alias Andre-Anne Leclerc) Mells Studio.

What do our old favorites sing? Surprisingly, they all answer unanimously. Fans of “Star Academy” will remember their time in the famous school, we guarantee. “You recognize all the songs,” Jean-Marc Koucher said.

Transformed lives

In an interview, Jean-Marc Koucher, Sophie Pelletier (the last female finalist of her year) and Andy all agree that “Star Academy” really changed their lives.

They were all in their early or mid-twenties. Jean-Marc, a resident of Wal-de Amore in New Brunswick, is studying music and Sophie Pelletier is moving towards training in the social field. In the song “Kiss You Inside Out”, Andy saw her collaboration with the Headley band, and her experience at “Star Academy” hit this mark the following summer.

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“I do not know where my life would be without it, Andy Risk. For me, “Star Academy” was a dream come true, and the adventure did not end after the show. “

“Besides, I can’t hide my excitement that Gregory Charles is back this year; He has so much to teach us about ourselves. He is kind and gentle, but He pushes us to push our limits. I really learned a lot from Gregory. I’m a confident person, but the “Star Academy” made me aware of my vulnerability. As an artist, I also understand that the approach around us is as important to our talent as our work, ”continues the man who launched the disc in 2015, returning with a new bilingual Opus on March 26, and a serious follower of the current version of the” Star Academy “.

“‘Star Academy’ gave me a pat on the back to give everything, to invest my energy in the song. So I decided to be a 100% songwriter, then producer. I do not know if I would have released two albums without this experience. It gave me an audience; I was able to release the material by saying there would be a public in advance, ”said Sophie Pelletier, who has released two records and one EP in nine years and is preparing another EP for the fall.


As for Jean-Marc Koucher, he is now personally unveiling new songs after two albums – he launches one in a few weeks – and, since last summer, he has been working on home automation for the Cable & Sun company. He found a passion there to the extent that he wanted to revive this new profession with the stage when the epidemic subsided.

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“I changed the guitar wires for home automation wires!” He joked.

The genre of “Star Academy” will be shown on Sunday, 7pm, on TVA. We can hear Sophie Pelletier and Jean-Marc Koucher on the album “Nose Reunions” which was released earlier this year, which includes 10 former finalists of the “Star Academy”.