November 27, 2022

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The New York governor, who faces allegations of sexual harassment, has stuck to his post

The New York governor, who faces allegations of sexual harassment, has stuck to his post

The New York State Governor refused to resign again Friday, following the impact, especially from heavyweights from his own Democratic camp, allegations of sexual harassment and touching him.

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“I will not resign,” Andrew Cuomo announced during a telephone press conference that, as in the previous week, six women from the end of February promised not to “do what he was accused of doing.”

But, after his announcements, calls for his resignation doubled: Chuck Schumer, a powerful Democrat leader in the Senate, elected from New York State, felt that Mr. Cuomo had “lost the trust of his allies in government.” .

Evidence emerged from two new women that they were dissatisfied with the governor’s behavior.

Within two weeks, the fall of this 63-year-old governor, widely regarded as a hero in the fight against the pandemic in 2020, led some to run for the White House.

He, who has been running the state of New York for ten years, called on Friday not to condemn himself again, but to “wait for the facts” – in other words, the results of the investigation into the allegations.

True to his reputation as a tough guy, he defended himself fiercely, pointing out that the allegations against him were “false” and that he was a new victim to the “abolitionist culture” raging in the United States.

The movement, which has been ridiculed by many Republicans, is forcing people to withdraw from public works or works that are proven to be abusive or discriminatory against sexual or ethnic minorities.

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Politicians are subject to or pressured for all sorts of reasons, including political opportunism. He declared that people knew the difference between a political game, “abolish culture” and the truth.

Impeachment policy

The governor, whose third term does not end until 2022, gave the impression that he would do anything to prevent the resignation and continue New York State. Like other bureaucrats throwing towels before any investigation results, allegations of harassment or sexual harassment (Donald Trump is a particularly infamous exception).

Can he stand in the face of increasing pressure from Wednesday to the hour? On that day, the sixth woman, one of his employees, made the most serious allegations to date, alleging that he had put his hand under his blouse at his official residence in late 2020.

Two new women joined the top six on Friday. The former journalist, who covered the governor, was accused of making inappropriate gestures, especially in 2012 and 2014, she said, with the aim of insulting him. Another former governor’s employee, identified only by her first name, Caitlin, told New York Magazine how uncomfortable he had made her.

Since Wednesday, a majority of Democrats in the New York Parliament have already called for his resignation.

On Thursday, a parliamentary committee launched an investigation into all the allegations, which is the first step in the impeachment process. This investigation is in addition to the one already initiated by State Prosecutor Letitia James.

Friday morning, the turn of influential New York Democrats elected to the House of Representatives seeking the departure of the governor, including left-wing star Alexandria Ocacio-Cartes and prominent Manhattan spokesman Jerry.

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Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand seemed almost too late not to ask for his resignation.

Although he maintains that the regime can continue with the pending results of the investigation into the allegations, this situation is almost impossible for Mr. Cuomo.

“No one wants to be as comprehensive and quick as I did,” Andrew Cuomo said Friday.

If he continues to hang, only the impeachment process can force him to go against his will.

Such a policy, unprecedented in New York State since 1913, required a simple majority in the lower house and two-thirds in the upper house.