May 23, 2022

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The act of faith in spite of everything

The act of faith in spite of everything

From dream to despair. From the start of the season the Canadian moved quickly from one intensity to another.

In the first 10 games of the year, the Hobbs appeared as a team amateur team for top honors with a 7-1-2 record.

A month later, Claude Julian, Kirk Mల్లెller and Stefan Waite achieved their ambitious goal of leading the team as far as possible in the playoffs. The rest we know.

Hobbs has been taking a sniff since February 4 and Mark Bergewin has pointed the exit door to his head coach, his associate coach and his goaltender coach. A big sweep, more than a day with the removal after the weight.

With the arrival of Dominic Ducharm as interim head coach and Alexander Burrows as power-play manager, hope slowly increased. The team is believed to have found its true identity after a 5-1 win over the Canucks last Wednesday in Vancouver.

Best match, then nothing

Through Ducharm’s own entry, it was the best match for his people since he took over from Julian. But with two consecutive losses to the fire the hope died quickly. Two defeats that Hobbs did not have in the game.

“We lost two games in a row in Calgary,” said winger Brendan Gallagher. We cannot be happy. We need to bounce back in Winnipeg. We are embracing a positive moment. But I have no doubt about the strength of this group. I knew there were answers inside that locker room. Our players playing better. We must trust our system. When we adhere to our game plan, we have a good team.

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“We believe in this group,” said winger Josh Anderson. We have to give a better performance on the ice. In Calgary, we didn’t play well. But we still trust this team. We have to focus on the small details. “

Items to win

Gallagher reiterated the targets earlier this year. At a time when the subject was far less sophisticated, the 28-year-old winger once again uttered two taboo words: the Stanley Cup.

“I would not play if I did not believe we were the Stanley Cup team we won,” he replied. Every year, when I talk to you, I repeat that this is the goal. Have we had good opportunities in the past? I do not know. For talent and depth, it was one of the best teams I ever played. I’ve already scored more runs in the series.

“We have new players, now the new system. It will take some time. When I see this lineup, there is no need to not play for the final prize at the end of the year. I really trust this group and I love the team role.”

Gallagher does not want to make a maniacal speech to send a message to other players. He did not see the need for it.

“If my teammates don’t have the same confidence as me, we have a problem. But I don’t need guys to talk about it. I know we all want to win. In this locker room, we believe in ourselves. Berg [Bergevin] Did everything to build the winning team. It is up to the players to complete the task. “

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Two crucial matches

Before thinking about the biggest trophies, be sure to make it to the CH Playoffs. The Canadian, who are heading into a two-game series against the Jets in Winnipeg, are still fourth in the Northern Division, but have a two-point lead over the Flames and a three-point lead over the Connexes.

“In the last two meetings, I have not liked the level of our involvement, our communication and our support.
Anderson said. I can assure you that we will fly over the snow on Monday against the Jets. We need to collect points. “

Philip Donald Paul Morris, who missed Sunday’s training session in Winnipeg, should be in his position against the team. Ducharm said he hopes to count on his more experienced center.