July 6, 2022

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We move on to the next night’s hour

We move on to the next night's hour

(Vancouver) Most Canadians change the time to return to Eastern daylight saving time on weekends so that they get more than an hour of daylight with the arrival of spring in the afternoon.

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Be sure to adjust the clocks and clocks at night from Saturday to Sunday. The official time change will take place at 2am on Sunday morning to automatically switch to 3am.

As Quebec and other Canadian provinces and territories prepare to make this annual adjustment, the Yukon government has decided to abandon seasonal change.

He believes other Canadian provinces and territories could be motivated to follow suit.

When the Yukon stopped changing times in November, the territory restored flight schedules and worked with tech companies responsible for clocking vehicles running on the Global Positioning System (GPS).

This territory uses the Yukon Standard Time after being previously aligned with Pacific time. The terrain will re-align with Pacific daylight hours as the time changes on Sunday morning.

Government analyst Andrew Smith said he had worked with various agencies and organizations to implement the change and that the initiated process would make it easier to follow other jurisdictions.

“Changing the time zone is very rare in a province, territory or state in North America. We have proven that this can be done,” Smith said in an interview.

He said the Yukon was the first jurisdiction on the continent to abandon time change in the last 25 years. Until then, only Saskatchewan had stubbornly refused to adjust the timing of spring fall and autumn.

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Other Canadian provinces discussed the need to change the time twice a year. Proposals have been submitted to stay in a time zone that allows more daylight hours, as long as there is consensus with neighboring areas in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia or nearby US states.

The BC government has already announced plans to break out of the time change, but its trading partners in states such as Washington and Oregon have not done so.