July 3, 2022

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Biden and Pelosi call for resignation of New York governor

Biden and Pelosi call for resignation of New York governor

US President Joe Biden questioned reporters on Sunday as to whether New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is facing allegations of sexual harassment, should step down, and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi called Mr Cuomo wondering if he could still occupy his post. Until he demanded his resignation.

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Their careful words were in stark contrast to the words of other Democratic Party officials, including Mr.To me Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, in the Senate, made a clear call for Mr. Cuomo to step down.

“The investigation is ongoing and we need to see what it brings,” Biden said as he disembarked from the Presidential Marine One helicopter.

Women who condemn the governor should be “seriously considered”, “their allegations are credible and serious,” Mr.To me Pelosi on ABC. “The governor loves New York and he still needs to find his heart to see if he can run the state effectively,” she said.

Eight women since February have condemned Mr Cuomo’s inappropriate gestures and words, including that of a former employee who allegedly laid a hand under his blouse in 2020.

Condemning the “false” allegations, Andrew Cuomo, 63, spent ten days at the head of the State of New York, refusing to call for his resignation. He was again asked on Friday to wait for the results of the open investigation following this revelation.

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When swearing “there is no tolerance for sexual harassment,” Mr.To me Pelosi seemed to agree with her.

She said the women who accused Mr Cuomo “deserve to know the results of the investigation just like the governor,” adding that she was “hopeful” that his findings would be made public soon.