May 22, 2022

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“Smell dry”: North Korea warns US

"Smell dry": North Korea warns US

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s sister Kim Yoo-jong has been sharply critical of the ongoing military maneuvers in South Korea. Official newspapers said she had warned the new U.S. administration not to spread the “gunpowder smell” if it wanted peace.

The announcement, made by the North Korean agency KCNA, came during a visit to Seoul by senior representatives of the administration of US President Joe Biden for initial talks with their South Korean counterparts.

We take this opportunity to warn the new American administration that they are trying to smell the powder in our territory., This Kim Yo-Young.

If she wants peace for the next four years, the first step is to avoid stink.

Kim Yo-Young

Washington said Monday it had failed to contact Pyongyang Reduce the risk of exacerbation. The cooling of relations between the two countries has already been seen under the administration of former President Donald Trump.

Former President Kim Jong-un has met three times And the latter exchanged letters with them, but North Korea ended negotiations, demanding that the United States first withdraw its hostile policy towards it.

Threats also on Seoul

The South Korean and American armies have taken joint military maneuvers in a less formal form, due to the coronavirus pandemic and only virtual as part of efforts to communicate with North Korea.

Such training has been condemned by North Korea, known as preparations for aggression. The South Korean government has once again chosen the “War March”, the “Crisis March”Kim Yo-jong said in his statement.

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Seoul wants 2018 inter-Korean deal, It will not happen easily again And Kim Yo-jong, who has become critical of South Korea in the North Korean official press, said Pyongyang looks even more provocative.

She said Pyongyang could leave a military deal aimed at easing tensions on the Korean border if necessary.

28,500 US troops are stationed in South Korea to protect themselves from an attack by North Korea.