July 7, 2022

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Another case of discrimination against a primitive woman affects CLSC de Joliet

Another case of discrimination against a primitive woman affects CLSC de Joliet

The nurses at Joliet CLSC mocked the Atikamekw woman who was being cared for, saying: “We call you Joyce. CISSS de Lanadier suspended them without pay while conducting his investigation.

Jocelyn, 62, is from Ottawa. For the past few weeks, she has been living in Joliet‌ because she needs regular care for her foot injury. Usually, a nurse comes to see her at home. But last Friday, she had to go to Joliet CLSC herself to change her bandage. This is his first visit to this establishment.

“There were two nurses who received me and when they saw my name one said: ‘We call you Joyce. It’s like Jocelyn. It’s going to be Joyce’ to those closest to me.”

I said nothing about what they said, because I was a little scared that they would decide not to take care of me. I need this care.

The woman immediately thought of Atikamek Joyce Echoquan, a human who died last September after being shot by nurses who mocked her at Joliet Hospital. “When they said Joyce’s name, I was like, ‘They still found a way to look at her and laugh, she’s hurt enough and there are still people who want to look at her and laugh.’ “

The woman felt she was being ridiculed, too, especially when asked to sing a song in Atikamekv‌. Sing a song. “

Fear of revenge

After the nurses finished re-dressing, Jocelyn Ottawa looked for her cell phone, which she left on the edge of the stretcher. “A nurse asked me what I was looking for. “My cell phone,” I said. She replied: “I have it in my hands, laughs sarcastically. I wanted to steal your data, she said. “

Jocelyn Ottawa replied that she did not allow them to check her cell phone, but she said nothing more. She swallowed her pain, her emotions. “I felt ashamed to act like this,” she said. “I didn’t say anything about what they said, because I’m a little scared that they will decide not to take care of me. I need this care.”

She is saddened when Rollie returns to her room in the home, which accommodates aborigines in need of health care in Jolie. Because she is away from her family. A call from her sisters on FaceTime excited her.

The next day, she described her experience in Atikamekwe status on her Facebook page. Many have recommended that she make an official complaint, but she fears retaliation.

Suspended without pay

At CISSS de Lanadier, the interim CEO, Caroline Barber, stated that she reported the situation after the request Destiny Monday morning. She talks about the “terrible incident” and recognizes it as “racist behavior”.

“As soon as I found out, I spoke to our cultural security officer to ask her to meet with someone who was suffering from a racist incident to document this unfortunate episode,” MTo me Barb. She offered to apologize to Mr.To me Ottawa was outraged by these events.

There were two nurses who greeted me and when they saw my name one said: “We call you Joyce, it looks like Jocelyn. This is going to be a joy for those closest to you. ”They laughed, they found it funny.

Two nurses were identifiedTo me Barbier, and suspended them without pending the results of the internal investigation. “Normally people are suspended with pay, but this time I asked them to suspend without pay given by gravity. You should go see [ce qui s’est réellement passé], But if it is true, it is a very serious moral violation. “

“Completely inhumane”

Interview at Destiny, Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Ghisline Picard condemned the incident. “I’m completely immersed, especially since it’s happening in Joliet‌. It’s not entirely acceptable.”

Mocking Joyce Echoquan’s name and memory is “completely inhumane” according to him. “It adds insult to injury,” he said, adding that Joyce in particular has “helped question many things in Quebec since it became a symbol of solidarity”.

Following the death of Joyce Echoquan, a nurse and an orderly were fired. The then CEO Daniel Castongwe also lost his post in December.

CISS de lanadier with the Quebec government and Manawan chief announced last month new cultural security measures for locals, including the establishment of an assistant position for CEO, to be occupied by Atikamek from Manawan.

“We saw in the Joyce Echoquan file that we had a big cultural change to make as an organization,” Mr. agreed.To me Barbie Monday. And changes of this magnitude take time, they do not happen overnight. This is done with training and awareness, but also with zero tolerance approaches. “

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