June 29, 2022

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The Revenue Agency is working to unblock 800,000 accounts

The Revenue Agency is working to unblock 800,000 accounts

(Montreal) National Revenue Minister Diane LeButier has assured us that the 800,000 Canadians whose accounts have been blocked at the (Montreal) Revenue Agency will soon have access to these accounts again.

Pierre Saint-Arnaud
The Canadian Press

“We are in (affected) consultation with Canadians – we know we are in the middle of the tax season – […] Make sure Canadians can freeze their accounts, put in a new password, and reset their program. We will continue to work towards that, ”she said in an investment statement on Gaspace on Monday.

The minister said the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), which was already mired in calls for various changes to personal income tax during the epidemic, was fully committed to meeting the demand and also called on the private sector.

“Eight programs have been implemented in the year 2020. By January 2020, we will have about 350,000 people calling the Revenue Agency. We did business for the period. […] With a private company to help us. ”

The Minister invited the affected taxpayers to visit the CRA website for more information on how to proceed.

OmTo me LeBeautilier agreed that the Revenue Agency had no choice but to block these accounts when it was found that important information from 800,000 taxpayers had ended up in the “dark web”.

“In the current years and in the years to come, it will also be important for the Government of Canada to protect taxpayer data,” she explained, adding that taxpayers also need to do their part. .

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“We have work on both sides to ask people to change their passwords regularly, to help us fight taxpayer data theft.”