May 24, 2022

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Should vaccinations be mandatory at work?

Should vaccinations be mandatory at work?

Companies that want to impose vaccines on their employees must be prepared to prove in court that they have adequate arguments to justify this decision.

“It is important for employers to get employee consent, which is free and informative. Whether or not to vaccinate is a personal choice,” explained Marion Plamandon, who specializes in labor and employment law.

The Civil Code also provides that “no one shall be subjected to treatment without their consent”.

However, denotes ME Plamondon, can vaccinate if a boss can prove it is a necessity to protect his employees and those at greater risk. He can only do it for positions that can prove it, she adds.

The question may arise when implementing the Quebec plan, which wants to make dosages available in the workplace at the largest companies.

Those who do not have the opportunity to enjoy it at work can not count on automatic release. Companies have no legal obligation, just like elections.

Robert Maranda, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, suggests that employers “must be open and show good judgment.”

The words echo the words of Carl Blackburn, President and CEO of the Quebec Employers Council.

“So far, everyone seems to want to cooperate, and all of these organizations are raising their hands to be directly involved in the vaccine campaign,” he said.

At the height of the vaccination campaign, workers go to other times, such as evenings or weekends.

“Efforts are being made to make as many appointments as possible available in these time slots,” Mr Maranda said.

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