May 28, 2023

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Vaccine | Appointments were canceled due to the anniversary date

Vaccine |  Appointments were canceled due to the anniversary date

Residents of Montero-Estate and Laurentians born in 1951 canceled their vaccination appointments to their area because they were less than 70 years old, contrary to the directives of the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS).

Arian KrollArian Kroll

Jacques Belhumer and his wife, who live in Boucherville, are celebrating their 70th birthdayE Birthday next September, over a period of nine days. Since they were born in 1951, the standard for the vaccine has been announced many times over the age of 70 and over, and they made an appointment online on March 10th.

Three days later, I received an email indicating that these appointments had been canceled for four reasons.

“Since I don’t know the reason, I tried again,” Belhumer said. The system granted the appointment, followed by a cancellation text a few hours later. A call to the Montero telephone system informed him that the area was now verifying the date of birth and that it had generated a lot of calls.

“It’s tens, hundreds, thousands of transactions that have nothing on their website, it slows everything down,” laments Mr. Belhumer, who has a career in IT and telecommunications.

Another Boucherville resident, whose appointment was canceled by the same generic email, was told she was six months too young since she was born in October 1951.

A resident of Morin-Heights, born September 1951, his March 25 appointment was confirmed and later canceled. “I called the CISSS on the 15th and the man confirmed to me that I was the only one,” Franకోois Normandu told us. After attempting to meet again on March 25, in vain, CISSS replaced him on April 5.

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In the territory of the CISSS de la Monteroi-Est, located in Boucherville, the situation was rectified last Monday, its spokesman Hugo Borgoin assured. He explained via email that “CISSS de la Monterogi-Est Click applied to the rule indicated on the Sante appointment booking site, which indicated that” people aged 70 and over can be vaccinated “.

At CISSS des Laurentides, they said, “This is an extraordinary situation.” “A similar reminder was quickly sent to all people responsible for making appointments at the call center so that such situations do not happen again,” his spokeswoman Julie Lemieux-Side told us.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. “We have contact details of some of them and we looked to contact them to give them a new appointment,” Borghoin said. Others are invited to make an appointment at Click Santo or at 1 877 644-4545.

“MSSS reaffirms to organizations the importance of respecting the terms of appointments made and the year of birth,” said its spokesperson Robert Maranda.