May 28, 2022

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Women’s groups “terrorized” by meeting with Minister Charest

Women's groups "terrorized" by meeting with Minister Charest

Legalt does not expect the government to invest more money to mitigate the significant deterioration of women’s living conditions due to the epidemic, groups said on Wednesday.

In a joint press release, the Coalition, nicknamed the “Group of Thirteen”, was “panicked” by a recent meeting with Isabelle Charest, responsible for the status of women, where she called for their patience.

“In fact, it appears that a constructive response from the government to mitigate significant setbacks in the living conditions of women caused by the epidemic will not be part of Quebec’s next budget,” they said in a U.S. press release issued Wednesday.

«[Or], The Quebec population is not satisfied with another budget that focuses on employment sectors where men are mostly represented. Recovery, now, must involve a huge investment in women’s health and safety, as well as ensuring their involvement in economic recovery. “

According to the Group of Thirteen, the “action plan to tackle the effects on women in the wake of the epidemic” submitted by Minister Isabelle Charest on March 8 did not have large-scale measures and its budget of $ 23 million was “clearly inadequate”.

Furthermore, Minister Isabelle Charest said the next government strategy for equality between women and men, identified as the “pillar” of long-term intervention in the aftermath of the epidemic, will not be submitted before 2022.

“By postponing any significant action until later, the Legalt government will not only lose sight of the goal of post-Kovid reconstruction in Quebec, but it will also crystallize the deteriorating conditions of women and especially those living in the crossroads of oppression,” the resolution said. They are.

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Among its ranks, the Group of Thirteen includes the Regulation des Miesons Conjugal Action Network for the Equality of Violent Women, Indigenous Women and Immigrant and Racial Women in Quebec.