July 7, 2022

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Legalt calls those who lost their jobs during the epidemic

Legalt calls those who lost their jobs during the epidemic

Franకోois Legalt wants to transform information technology into the “new economy of Quebec” and invites Cubans who lost their jobs during the epidemic to study these good fields for the future.

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“All children, if you feel a little, go and study information technology and computer science. Unfortunately, there were some who lost their jobs during the epidemic. I am thinking of those who work in some shops and they will not get jobs, ”the Prime Minister lamented at a press conference on Thursday.

He explained that these sectors need skilled workers.

The prime minister made the call when he announced the expansion of the Direct Company in Montreal for a $ 50 million loan.

Seven hundred and thirty jobs will be created in the metropolis, with an average annual salary of $ 100,000.

“Tonight, I’m going to receive calls from some information technology company presidents who say to me: ‘There, Fran ఫois, you are not helping me! Because Pierre-Luke may have come and stolen some employees from me, ”he said, citing labor shortages in the high-demand sector.

“We need to expand the labor pool. […] We need to find immigrants with information technology. There is a race in the world and we are in Quebec, one of the leading players, we must continue! We need more Quebecs and more qualified immigrants to study information technology, ”he stressed.

Call for investors

He suggested that all Quebec founders come to offices abroad and “test Quebec for Investment.”

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“Investments come from Quebec and try us out. You will not find good Agreement, Good Package To persuade you to come to Quebec and grow your business. ”

“We have incredible concentrations of graduates, information technology and artificial intelligence researchers. Quebec has become one of the most sought after places in information technology. Yes, there is San Francisco, there is London, but, soon, I think there is Quebec,” said Francois.

Apdirect was founded in 2009 by Nicholas Desmaris, son of Antarion Daniel Sox and Paul Desmerais Jr. The company offers subscription e-commerce platforms used by Jaguar, Land Rover, Rogers, Tellus, Honeywell, ADP and Deutsche Telecom.

AppDirect is headquartered in San Francisco, where Messrs. Socks and Desmorise. Since 2013, the company has had a presence in Montreal, where it employs 200 of its 800 employees.

Earlier this month, it was announced that App Direct would be appointing Pierre-Luke Byzone as Chief Information Officer. Mr. Byzilan worked specifically for Cirque du Soleil and Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP).