June 7, 2023

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Betterbeav-Deans: Weight Honored | The Journal of Montreal

Betterbeav-Deans: Weight Honored |  The Journal of Montreal

Arcor Betterbeev and rival Adam Deans had no trouble reaching the 175-pound limit during the official weight-in in Moscow on Friday.

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Aibieph unified and dablyubisi Light Heavyweight Champion (15-0, 15 keolu) has a weight of 1746 pounds, the German (1911, 10 keo) to 174.3 pounds. The limit was set at 175 pounds.

Everything is for this dual fight to be performed at the CSKA Moscow residence Megasport Arena in the KHL. Due to the sanitation measures in place in the capital, the stands are only filled to 50% of their capacity.

Betterbeav will make his first defense as the unified champion. He tries to extend his excellent knockout streak, but Chechen refuses to make a guess.

“You never hear me making predictions about my struggles,” Betterbeev said. I am a simple boxer. I’m not like Mohammed Ali. He said he would “beat” his opponent in eight or ten rounds, but that was not in my nature.

“I’m focused on doing my best.”


Betterbeeve will have the opportunity to fulfill the old dream of fighting in front of his supporters in Russia.

“I am very happy to fight in my homeland,” he added. We studied Adam well [Deines]. We saw some videos of him. There are certain strategies we want to apply in combat.

“It was a difficult year for everyone. I am good and have a great camp in Russia. We’re ready. “

In Quebec, with sanitation measures, it is impossible for a world champion to have the right camp. In Russia, he received top-notch facilities and qualified medical staff.

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In addition, he has access to quality training partners. This is not the case in Quebec right now. With mandatory detentions, it can be very difficult to bring in training partners from outside the country.

The prophetic voice

It’s time for my guess.

Arthur Betterbeave is widely inclined to defeat Adam Deans. I have not seen a site that gives a journalist a chance in German.

Deans has only one career loss to Fanlong Meng, who will face Betterbeav as a mandatory contender before the pandemic.

On paper, this is an unequal dual. How is it going to play? We can expect the Deans to give a lot of jobs to keep the champion at bay.

Game plan that lasts until Betterbeav’s first power kick. Then it can go quickly. In a duel with Oleksandr Gvozdik, a blow to the body opens the door to a knockout at 10E Attack. It could be the same scenario against Deans.

The series of knockouts continues for the defense of Mark Ramsay. I hope Betterbeeve wins in the fifth round.