June 26, 2022

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Nurses fire on Joliet: Union acrobatics condemned from all sides

Nurses fire on Joliet: Union acrobatics condemned from all sides

“It’s so ridiculous”: Joliet Condemns Lonadier Interprofessional Union’s maneuvering of cultural safety training for two fired nurses from CLSC, judging employees paid for the training they followed. , And then by “political removal”.

The Minister of Health and the First National Assembly of Quebec and Labrador (AFNQL) were also behind the decision of CISSS de Lanadier, which confirmed that it was “the process” of the investigation. Led to the dismissal of two nurses Contrary to what the union alleges, we are “honored.”

Interview at Destiny On Friday morning, union president Stefan Carmire said the nurses did not want to make fun of Jocelyn Ottawa, but tried to apply what they had learned during the cultural safety training.

Destiny Then talked to Sylvie Roy. An Atikamekw woman living in Obedjivan gave a three-hour lecture attended by two employees. She said she was shocked by the remarks made by Mr. Carmier.

“I don’t know how to react to it, except to laugh. It’s so ridiculous, it’s so absurd. He wants to blame someone else for not recognizing that his behavior is inappropriate and unacceptable and that it is pediatrics. ” “At any time [dans la formation] There is no question of singing, singing. All I can say is: be interested in culture, be interested in them, want to know more about them, ”she assured.

Nurses are trying to “bond”, the union said

This is exactly what the nurses are trying to do, the union president said. “We need to look at the context: we have the training to work with the Atikamek community and in this training, we ask nurses to create links, to ask questions about their culture, to show interest and to ‘build bridges,’ Stefan Carmire Underline.

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“When the nurse asked the patient if she knew a song in Atikamek, she was trying to bond with the patient, away from the idea of ​​making the patient laugh. “

According to him, The nurse who gave Mrs. Ottawa what to call “Joyce.” Joliet was reluctant at any point to refer to Joyce Echoquan, who died at the hospital after suffering racist abuse from staff. “Two nurses called her Mrs. Ottawa during treatment, but when they saw her name was Jocelyn, they tried to create a bond, because she was the lady of a few words, they told her. Joyce asked if she had called the reservation and family. She never wanted to be in a relationship with Joyce Echoquan.”

The president did not deny that it was “clumsy” and assured that the nurse understood his mistake. “Today she understands the connection that Madame can make, and we understand how she feels. Everyone is sad. [ce qui s’est passé], But that is not always the goal of the nurse [d’ insulter Mme Ottawa], Never in 100 years. “

Sylvie Roy could not understand the interpretation of her training done by the union. “I am very comfortable with the content,” said one who has been giving this type of conference since 2014. In her presentation, she mentions the trauma of residential schools or the Sixties scoop, then describes the flaws and outlaws of Indian law defining cultural security. “Initially, when I introduced myself, I suggest that people would even refer to me by the name Tcotcitc OTANisa,” she says. Is this the reason why nurses are fit to use a nickname? “You have to look really deep as suggested to be nicknamed Jocelyn Joyce,” she was vague.

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Mr Carmier said the nurses never threatened to steal his personal data from Ms Ottawa. According to the nurse version, at the end of the treatment Mrs. Ottawa got up and the patient’s cell phone fell to the ground and the nurse picked it up and said she would give it to him when she was strong on his feet. . Instead, a nurse choked with a “sarcastic laugh” when she asked Ms Ottawa to steal her data.

“We’ll be united,” Chef Picard said

At the press conference, I would stick to the reforms presented by AFNQL’s Chief, Ghisline Picard, Mrs. Ottawa and Manawan’s political representatives. “We’ve seen this many times in the past,” he said in English. “The union’s reaction is not surprising, as we have already seen. It’s an easy attitude: sowing doubt as soon as the aborigines publicly condemn the situation. We saw the same thing after the Wall-D’R incidents,” he recalled. “We are united.”

On his part, Ian Lafrenier, the minister in charge of local affairs, defended himself for ordering the removal of the nurses. “There is an investigation conducted by CISSS […] And in light of the investigation, the former police officer announced that it was a decision taken. His colleague and health minister, Christian Dubey, “There is no political interference,” he assured In that case.

The union, which wants to contest the dismissal, is calling for a public hearing to shed light on the incident. “For this particular case, for the time being, we are not there yet,” Minister Lafrenier replied.

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In the middle of the afternoon, CISSS de Lanadier published a press release in which its interim CEO, Caroline Barber, stated that she was investigating the rules of art. “After gathering the necessary evidence within the framework of the investigation of this nature, we have sufficient elements to justify the violation of the code of ethics of the establishment and the code of ethics and deontology,” she said.

“I want to reassure those who suspect that investigative procedures have been followed. We hear from staff who understand the shock wave it can create and feel the need to talk about it,” she reiterated, “going back to the basics of guiding the therapeutic bond between the health professional and his patient.” The importance of – trust, respect and dignity. “

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