March 1, 2024

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Young Goldman Sachs workers demand 80 hours a week

Young Goldman Sachs workers demand 80 hours a week

(New York) A team of newly hired analysts at Investment Bank Goldman Sachs has prepared a very formal presentation complaining about the many hours and stress of their jobs and suggesting that an 80-hour week would be more appropriate.

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As a document designed for clients, The exhibition is made up of eleven pages with figures and graphics.

98 hours a week, on average

This is based on a survey of thirteen first-year employees, who say they have worked an average of 98 hours a week since the beginning of the year, getting five hours of sleep a night and getting an average of 3 hours of sleep in the morning. During the week ending Saturday, February 13 – the day the employee delivered the questionnaire – the respondents reported working 105 hours.

Their mental and physical health was significantly reduced; 77% of them believe they have been “professionally abused”.

“My anxiety level exploded because I couldn’t sleep anymore,” one of them said in the document.

I know the hours don’t go from 9am to 5pm, I don’t know if it goes from 9am to 5am.

Goldman Sachs employee

To “fix the situation”, the show should be at 80 hours a week at “maximum capacity”.

The show began airing on social media on Wednesday before being available on Twitter.

Goldman Sachs did not immediately respond to an AFP request.

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