May 27, 2022

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Challenge of law on state secularism: Quebec unveils expert reports

Challenge of law on state secularism: Quebec unveils expert reports

Quebec released on Friday a collection of expert reports designed as part of its legal challenge to its legislation on secularism. The foreword was signed by former PQ Prime Minister Pauline Marais.

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At the request of Quebec Attorney General and Minister of Justice Simon Jolin-Barrett, the 750-page text reads, “Created to make the courts aware of the political, historical, philosophical, legal and socio-religious context. It is part of this fundamental law.”

“These comprehensive, original and highly documented reports are of interest not only to researchers, but also to those who want to better understand the flaws in the law and to all citizens and the state and religions,” the minister explained.

Along with Pauline Morois, its authors include Professors Mark Chevrier, Yvonne Lamonde, Yannick Dufresne, Gilles Gagne, Benoit Pelletier, Martతే Fatin-Rose Stephanie and Patrick Tylan.

One of the reports produced was that “the Quebec secular system is in line with federalism, a principle based on the differentiated right of the Quebec nation”.

“We believe that many of these experts will eloquently demonstrate the value and value of this basic law in Quebec, so we need to access them,” said Minister Simon Jolin-Barrett.

Judge Mark-Andre Blanchard, who presided over the legal challenge to the state secularism law, will soon give his verdict.

After several weeks of trial, several witnesses and experts came to speak before the judge, and the trial ended on December 15.

All experts agree that the verdict, however, will definitely be appealed. The magistrate himself noted this on November 2 as the trial began. The issue ends before the Supreme Court of Canada.

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