June 5, 2023

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In view … Ron Tagnet: The game where I received 73 shots [VIDÉO] | NHL | Sports | Is good

In view ... Ron Tagnet: The game where I received 73 shots [VIDÉO] |  NHL |  Sports |  Is good

It’s been 30 years already. Still, in my head, that game at Boston Gardens doesn’t go that far.

When I look at myself in the mirror, reality strikes me.

The fact is that this evening of March 21, 1991 marked the end of my career. Everyone is still talking to me about those 70 stops. Raymond Bork too! The Bruins top defenseman had 19 shots for his team.

In fact, it gives me pleasure to bring this stuff every time we cross our paths. He finds a way to laugh about it.

Everyone in the arena enjoyed that night. Everyone, except our coaches.

At that point, we formed a team on a complete reconstruction. This means there are very difficult days.

The bad team game still gave the goalkeeper a chance for a good exit. I loved being busy in front of my net.

It went with my personality. That is why I chose a career in this position. It gave me the opportunity to change the look of the game.

Like a quarterback in a clayball or baseball in baseball.

That evening, we faced a team that was still number one in the standings. We are in the last row.

We know there will be action. First, because in my semi circle I keep Cam Blue in front of me from start to finish in the evening. Second, because the playground in the old garden is smaller than in other areas. Shots can come everywhere.

It didn’t bother me. In fact, it suits me. My best parts are in action all the time. My speed helped me.

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It is a kind. The Bruins are throwing from all sides, from all sides. This is silly.

Their players seemed to challenge each other, to see how much they increased the number of shots on goal.

At one point, Raymond Bork even took a wrist throw from the middle of the ice. He was able to puck ing on the ice.

This can cause problems for the guards. My friend Kay Whitmore surprised him like this in his career.

If this game goes into overtime, it’s a little too much due to the other goalkeeper. Regine Lemmelin was exceptional with the Bruins, despite receiving only 26 shots.

In the third period, he made one of those amazing savings at the time when he pressed both of his pads hard and slipped to the side by pulling the mit out at the right time.

If we had scored, there would not have been overtime and extra shooting.