May 17, 2022

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GM in best condition to move?

GM in best condition to move?

When asked about his intentions for the trade deadline on Tuesday, Mark Bergewin suggested that the constraints of the salary cap should complicate the possibility of a transaction.

If he gets a chance to improve his team, will the Montreal Canadians’ GM really stay the same? Some experts doubt this. Sportsnet reporter Elliott Friedman is one.

“What he sells is not for everyone who buys,” the leading columnist portrayed at the time Saturday match broadcast Between CH and Vancouver Conkes on the English Channel.

“He has a lot of draft picks and he has very good (young) players. He said he would not use those assets to reduce his asset burden, but if he wants to do anything bigger, there is no one in Canada who is more capable than Bergevin.”

For example, Hobbs is currently affiliated with Nashville Predators defenseman Matthias Echolm ($ 3.75 million). Bergevin suggested in his time Press briefing on Tuesday He will not take another salary to replace Ben Chiarrot as he will return to the game at the end of the season after his right wrist injury has healed.

Tight ranking

Meanwhile, as Dominic Ducharm took charge behind the bench, the club failed to win two games in a row and finished fourth in the North division on Sunday morning, one point behind the Winnipeg Jets and two ahead of the Canucks.

Knowing that Bergevin wants to make a loss in the playoffs, will he pull the rabbit out of the hat to improve his team? Friedman no doubt.

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“The thing about Bergevin is that he is not afraid and he has shown Canadians that this is a huge year with all the acquisitions he has made so far,” he said.

“People are curious whether he sticks out ‘I do nothing’.”