May 23, 2022

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The party opposes the reform of the Cubacois history lessons

The party opposes the reform of the Cubacois history lessons

Party Cubacois (PQ) leader Paul St. Pierre Plamondon on Saturday condemned the Legal government’s decision to reduce the contents of the initiation course to the history of Western civilization given at the college level.

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“We can’t cut the story depending on the mood of the moment!” As a minister, mTo me McCann certainly does not approve of such a recommendation, ”the Cubacois leader said in a statement.

He opposes Higher Education Minister Daniel McCann’s decision not to teach college students about the ancient and Middle Ages from 2023 onwards because of a program that is “too busy”.

“This is a very eloquent example of the bottom line of a race. In Quebec, since the late 1960s, we have essentially gone from a scientific course. […] For the passage of all knowledge, it is to think of oneself, to have a constructive critical thinking. This is definitely not good news, “said St. Pierre Plamondon, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

The party Cubacois leader therefore suggested splitting the subject into two distinct courses, which would be offered in most sessions.

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