December 1, 2022

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God save French Quebec!

God save French Quebec!

If God can save the Queen of England, he can do anything to save French Quebec.

Our poor Quebec is badly maintained these days. In addition to Leger and Leger polls confirming the French loss in Montreal, I continue to receive emails from readers who complain that they have heard more English songs at our variety shows. Those who are angry will also complain to colleague Hugo Dumas Tap. He wrote about it in a column last week.

Star Academy It was only half when Big Boss Laura Fabian issued a warning shot to her students. No more singing in English during their evaluation! The Belgian-Canadian star is very correct, because since February 14, I have the impression that I have heard more songs from educators in English than songs in French. Unfortunately, I did not count.

Not yet “Towns” only

Has Laura’s teaching changed anything? On Sunday evening, the three candidates in danger, Guillaume, Mawa and Zara, all sang in English. The previous week, Matt (Matthew Michad) had practically weaved a rope to hang himself. Not only did he sing in French, he performed one of his compositions. People fired him immediately. Fortunately, he saved the Lunow pumpkin. Unsurprisingly, she was immortalized in French by Luke Plamondon by Diane Dufresne, Belmont Park.

When I write a “song”, my readers will surely understand that it is no longer a single singer or a single presenter. Without exception Annie is now talking about “Town”. I heard radio host Mozart tune in!

One that stays the same Star Academy, Which are mostly the English songs we hear on the show Live from the universe In Radio-Canada. Every Saturday is the other type I hear religiously, even though the host’s constant laughter gets on my nerves. Also, in recent years, we laugh a lot on television and radio. We laugh out loud whether it is funny or not.

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Francophony Day

Saturday 20E International day of La Francophony. Live from the universe It was strangely celebrated. I have the impression that the Canadian Francophony is first and foremost, through the selection of guest stars, Damien Rabbitail and the Accordion Group SalesBarbs, through the words of the host of music and singers. The business of francophones outside of Quebec and Quebec is more or less a part of it.

I have the same feeling, Sunday evening, at Star Academy. Laura Fabian presented a mix of French songs to inspire Francophonie’s International Day, but there was no Quebec song in this medley. Unlike Quebec is not a shareholder in francophony, Leclerc, Ferland, Dubois or Leville songs do not celebrate Francophony as songs. Made in France.

As our television genres give way more and more to songs in English, the younger generations of Quebecs are likely to see Francophony only as a symbol. A symbol of no greater importance in their lives than the Commonwealth. Did they only know that Francophony existed and that Quebec was part of it?