March 24, 2023

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Street Fighter Games ranked from best to worst

The Street Fighter franchise can only be described as the epitome of the fighting games genre. Not only has the series spawned numerous sequels, spin-offs, and crossover video games, but it also branched out into anime, live actions movies and other forms of media, at one point Konami even released a dedicated slot machine, titled Street Fighter 2 Slot Machine, which can be found in a real money online casino Canada.  Anyhow, with so many Street Fighter games available since the original debuted in 1987, it’s hard to pick the best ones, but let’s try and take a look at some of the best ones released so far.

1/10 – Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Street Fighter III is viewed by many as the best installment in the entire franchise. The graphic, sounds, animations and gameplay were incredible, and finally gave fans a much wanted continuation of the original story with new characters.

2/10 – Ultra Street Fighter IV

The best thing about Ultra Street Fighter IV is that it acts both as a standalone game for new players and as a continuation for players that already have Street Fighter IV. With additional stages and new characters to choose from it brings an impressive balance of features and gameplay.

3/10 – Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Released in 2018, this entry featured a single-player mode, as well as provide access to characters that were previously locked behind payable downloadable content.

4/10 – Street Fighter Alpha 3

The Alpha series was a pretty successful one in the Street Fighter universe. Released back in 1998 with simple 2D graphics and animations of the time, Street Fighter Alpha 3 introduced new characters and new fighting styles for affective gameplay.

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5/10 – Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Super Street Fighter II Turbo brought back all the original bosses and characters with some new features and names. Turbo mode was available to players as an optional chose, making gameplay faster and more intense.

6/10 – Street Fighter Alpha 2

Street Fighter Alpha 2 is considered by many as an expansion of the first version in the Alpha series. With four new playable characters, new stages, and better character animation, it is a step up but by no means very memorable.

7/10 – Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II was a very ground-breaking game at the time of its release, which gave the franchise the fame it deserves. But looking back, the game was plagued by glitches and imbalances in some character moves.

8/10 – Street Fighter II: Champion Edition

This version of Street Fighter II is the same as the previous one, but the four bosses become playable characters and the glitches with Guile were fixed. The concept of having playing bosses was revolutionary, but they were too overpowered.

9/10 – Street Fighter IV

After an eight-year hiatus, Street Fighter IV was released to lukewarm reviews. The long wait had many fans to assume that the series had ended, and this version seems to have repurposed the aesthetics of Street Fighter II Turbo with the gameplay mechanics of Street Fighter III: 3rd strike – a great game, but slightly confusing.

10/10 – Street Fighter Alpha

Overall, the first game in the Alpha series was well received and noted for its sublet yet important changes to the game mechanics. The only problem with Street Fighter Alpha is that subsequent versions are just way too much better!

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There are at least another 8 Street Fighter games released in this franchise that we have not covered. Capcom also has new games and updates in the pipeline, so while we wait for further announcements.