March 22, 2023

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All minorities … except Francophones

All minorities ... except Francophones

The left of English Canada is at the center of its policy to protect the rights of all minorities. They almost invade it. Amir Attaran, a professor at the University of Ottawa, wants to join the movement.

Officially, this professor fights fiercely against racism. In fact, at the heart of his comments was aimed at tarnishing a group of people: French-speaking Quebecars. Everything goes on: French-speaking Cubans racist arrears. Our past and present governments, our Prime Minister, our laws and even our health care system are all expressions of this crazy Quebec society.

I do not want to live in the case of these provocateurs or the administration of the University of Ottawa. The Rector immersed himself in radicalism in his organization.

Complicated silences

Professor Attaron has a good press in English Canada, despite the outrageous remarks on their face. The loud shouting that Quebecars are racist creates some rebuke in English Canada. Like some approvals and very critical silences.

For example, Ontario NDP MP Matthew Green shared several writings written by Attaron on social media. The NDP won a majority of seats in Quebec a few years ago. However, no one at the party was upset to see them share their insult to the Quebecs.

At the very least we see Justin Trudeau as the winner of multiculturalism wanted to denounce Professor Attarారn. Make no mistake, Mr. Trudeau is facing criticism outside of Quebec.

In fact, here is the reality that the Attar affair puts in our face. English puts the rights of minorities on the left side of Canada at the center of its thinking and actions. Positive discrimination, visible minorities, the fight against racism are the favorite themes of this moment.

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We look under the magnifying glass of racism even when no one is around. To prove the seriousness of its determination to fight racism, it is good to find it everywhere.

A minority we can ridicule

In short, English protects all minorities on the left side of Canada … except one: French-speaking Quebecars. Clearly, Francophones are not a minority in Quebec. But Francophones are clearly a minority in Canada.

When we look at the situation of Francophones from a North American perspective, it is even more amazing. Francophones are a minority whose language and culture are under pressure and intimidation.

So in English Canada, we place capital emphasis on the preservation of indigenous languages ​​or on all minority cultures. For good reason, moreover. We are ready to implement significant resources to protect them —.

In Canada, they do not care about the future of the French in Quebec. Attaran’s insults remind us that we can only rely on ourselves to preserve our language and culture.