January 24, 2022

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St. Lawrence River: Concern for the survival of a particular species in the world

St. Lawrence River: Concern for the survival of a particular species in the world

Scientists are concerned about the consequences of the Contrecoure port terminal expansion project on an endangered species found only in the world in Quebec.

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Four biologists have responded to an environmental assessment report of a project unveiled by the federal government, which they say is wrong when it comes time to talk about the conservation of copper redhorse habitats. This shellfish-eating fish is found only in the Montreal area of ​​the St. Lawrence River.

“Confirming that the effects of the project can be avoided, mitigated and compensated for as supported by the federal government, does not take into account the reality of the aquatic conditions of this area of ​​the St. Lawrence River,” said Pierre Dumont, biologist and expert Chevalier Copper.

“According to the best scientific evaluations available, there is already a lack of Herbarium to ensure species restoration in this section of St. Lawrence, which plays a strategic role in the species life cycle. It is therefore an important part of the species pantry affected by this project,” he said.

The group, mobilized by the Society for Nature and Parks, has called for Ottawa to take action to protect the Copper Red Horse’s critical habitat, which, according to the Risk Act at the Species Act eight years ago, should be promulgated.

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