May 20, 2022

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Vaccines: “As if we were a month late on the farm!”

Vaccines: "As if we were a month late on the farm!"

Despite the increased number of cases since last week, Sagune-Lock-Saint-Gene does not receive high doses of vaccines, a condition that is of concern to retired virologist Jacques Lapierre, who lives in the area.

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“I am very worried because we have seen a very big increase in the last two weeks. Looking at 100,000 residents. [la contamination est équivalente à celle de Montréal]», Emphasizes Mr. Lapierre.

If we take into account the number of inhabitants in each region, the 16 regions in Quebec have the tenth largest number of vaccinated – Lock-Saint-Jean. The vaccination rate in this region is lower than the regional average.

“There’s a virus, it’s a lot. It does not seem to have a variant at the moment they say, but it’s a little strange that we have a small bubble in Quebec without a variant,” the expert emphasized.

Health Minister Christian Dubey told a news conference yesterday that the farm would not receive high doses of the vaccine, unlike the automaton, which wants to speed up vaccination.

“There are 85 and more people who have not been vaccinated yet in Sagune. If you are 65 and over and you reserve your vaccine, you will not be able to get it before the end of April! So there is a problem with vaccinating in Sagune. ? There are plenty of people who have not been vaccinated at risk in Sagune, while we are shown on television, 60 – year – olds in Montreal are being vaccinated … It’s like we’re a month late in Sagune! ” Condemned the retired virologist.

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Sylvain Goudralt, a member of the Jonquier, wanted the area to get a few more doses of the vaccine.

He at least hopes the gap between regions’ vaccination rates will stop growing.

In this area, vaccination clinics will be closed until Thursday because all available doses have been used. About 7,000 doses are expected this week.