May 17, 2022

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Biden is not Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but …

Biden is not Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but ...

Regular people on my blog already know that I rarely resist the temptation to add a historical perspective to my American news coverage.

You can catch my interest when I know 46E The President asked a group of historians and historians at the White House to speak with him.

These are the early days to learn the functioning of the Biden administration, but after seeing the population, vaccinations and stimulus plan in favor, it is already mired in crisis on the southern border and facing the problem of killings.

The former vice president is very old, at the age of 78, he became the oldest elected president in the history of his country. This honorable era, however, is accompanied by a vast experience, a great sense of history, or a concern for its heritage.

It is not impossible that this first term is the only chance he has to stand and he is in a hurry to take action, as he does not know whether he can maintain a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress. He wants to act in a quick, meaningful way and he does not hesitate to use his energy to execute his ideas.

The use of force here means putting pressure on the more traditional Democrats in the Senate, controlling the enthusiasm of a more progressive section of the House, and, above all, reviewing Senate policies to limit Republican support to a systematic hurdle.

If its intentions are clear enough, why call experts from the past? He wants Doris Kears Goodwin, Joan Micham, Michael Besclos, Michael Eric Dyson, Joan Freeman, Eddie Gloud Jr., Annette Gordon-Reid or Walter Isaacson, who represents Yale, Princeton and Harvard universities.

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When we hire such an arsenal to expedite vaccinations, when we propose a record amount for an economic recovery plan and aim to submit a historic infrastructure plan, we can even name a few leaders who inspire and honor. .

The main ancestor of Biden was identified as Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR). The image of a president who faced the crisis of the 1930s and World War II symbolizes respect and strong leadership in adverse circumstances. Despite fierce opposition and fierce opposition from the FRD, historians generally agree. As Biden himself stated, he is not an FDR, but …

Whether traveling, covering the news or exercising governance, I always repeat that you should always have a historian in your luggage or in your arsenal. It seems that Biden has not taken a step back in time and he wants to make sure he does not forget. Suffice it to say in any case on Thursday that he hopes to be a candidate in 2024.