June 5, 2023

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“F.-A.- Gautir” on our way home

"F.-A.- Gautir" on our way home

The infamous “F.-A.-Gauthier” himself and the good news for the inhabitants of Cote d’Ivoire set out on Sunday.

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The ferry will depart Trois-Rivieres harbor early in the morning and arrive Monday morning, the Society des Traversiers du Quebec (STQ) said on Twitter.

However, it is not known when the ship will be able to resume service. “It takes time to prepare the ship and crew before returning to service,” STQ writes.

The exact date of return to service will be notified “as soon as possible”, as specified.

Keep in mind that the “FA-Gauthier” was kept in a dry dock at the end of 2020 due to an oil leak from the thruster’s gasket.

Due to this problem the boat was initially removed from service until the end of February. This is “NM Sarema 1”, which ensures crossing between Matane and the North Coast in the absence of “F-A-Gautir”.

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