June 6, 2023

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“He’s a very hockey player” – Joel Bouchard

"He's a very hockey player" - Joel Bouchard

Joel Bouchard welcomes striker Cole Cofield to the Laval Rocket with both open arms.

At a press conference after his family’s game on Sunday, the head coach of the Montreal Canadians School Club praised the skills of the man who ended his career at the NCAA.

“It’s very positive to have him in our training. He’s a young man, happy to be drafting the organization. He has a unique player profile: he’s a goal scorer. He’s a very hockey player,” Bouchard said.

Cofield, CH’s 2019 first-round pick, is known as a truly amazing Maverick. In his two campaigns with the University of Wisconsin Badgers the American hit the target 49 times in 67 games.

Ready to work

The rocket pilot indicated that he had already exchanged some text messages with the 20-year-old athlete.

“He told me he’s very excited and can’t wait to work. He’s a talented young man. Without talent you would not score that number.”

Bouchard is vague about his expectations for Cofield, but the skater will have to go through adjustment periods as he begins his professional career.

“When are they [les jeunes joueurs] Coming from Europe, they have to get used to the size of the ice. When they come from junior, it’s sometimes the rhythm of the game. For those who come from a university level, this is a great workload. We play a lot more games than the NCAA. But that is to say, no two players respond the same way to this challenge. “

“Hockey is the solution to all problems. Cofield is an avid hockey player who loves the game and wants to score goals, ”Bouchard concluded.

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Pohling advice

Joining Cofield Rocket later this week, he must follow arrest. With the Laval club, he can count on a certain Ryan Pohling to help in his transition.

Both have a similar journey. They are both from the first round picks and the American school circuit.

“It’s a big step to take, but he seems ready to do it, analyzing the overall 25th option in the 2017 draft. The best he can do is take as much information as possible and learn from everyone, including the coaches and teammates. It really helped me on my journey.”

Pohling also advised him to take advantage of the present moment.

“It happens very quickly and he has to remember to take advantage of it. It’s a long and exciting process. It’s just the beginning, but he should enjoy it.”