July 6, 2022

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Max Pasioretti reached the expected record

Max Pasioretti reached the expected record

By hitting the target in overtime on Saturday, former Montreal Canadians captain Max Pasioretti came close to the coveted National Hockey League record goal.

The current Vegas Golden Knights flag has hit the target for the fourth time in extra time since the campaign began. The five records are jointly held by Brad Marchand (2017-2018), Alex Galchenyuk (2016-2017), Jonathan Toves (2015-2016) and Steven Stankos (2011-2012).

On Saturday, Pasioretti was able to take advantage of the lucky factor. Colorado Avalanche defenseman Devon Toves seemed in good position to clear the puck into his goalie’s semicircle, but his stick broke when he tried to do so. Pasioretti pushed the puck into an easily abandoned cage. Result: 3 to 2 wins.

Passioretti, like any good self-respecting hockey player, refuses to get all the glory. He threw flowers at his teammate Alex Tuch as he started the game.

“Tonight, it’s a leap [qui a fait la différence], Said the American after the videoconference. We don’t play overtime to protect ourselves, we go on ice to try to attack. When there is an opportunity to go the other way, we want to take advantage of it. “

“Winning this game is a great game, and when I saw this battle unfold I trusted the guys and left. It was a good game. [Tuch] Giving me a puck in advance to keep some speed, and gaining momentum allowed me to finally rebound. ”

Passioretti is enjoying one of his career seasons with Nevada scoring 18 goals and 33 points in 30 games. He is two goals away from reaching the 300 career plateau.

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