March 24, 2023

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A new generation in the heart of power in Cuba

A new generation in the heart of power in Cuba

Havana | Most of those who enter the political bureau of the Cuban Communist Party in mid-April do not have the historical legitimacy of the 1959 revolution, but aim to continue the path of the Castro brothers.

At 8 p.m.E A party congress, April 16 to 19, will house 17 men and women forming this new political office, the heart of the Cuban power.

Along with Raul Castro, 89, the first secretary to leave his seat to President Miguel Diaz-Connell, two other historians of the revolution are expected to retire: Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, 90, second in the party, and Commander Ramiro Valdes, 88.

Three other teenagers are leaving in 1959: Generals Leopoldo Cintra Frias, 79, Ramon Espinosa, 83, and Alvaro Lopez Meera, 77, respectively, are ministers, deputy ministers and heads of the armed forces.

The political office is supposed to represent the most important positions and sectors in society … but also to reflect the economic situation of the country.

After several protests in the population in recent months, the entry of 57-year-old General Lazaro Alvarez Casas, who was recently appointed Minister of the Interior, has been expected.

The arrival of Prime Minister Manuel Marrero, 57, is logical in the wake of the severe financial crisis and reforms that will open up the private sector.

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Alejandro Gill, 60, is enough to limit the power of Marino Murillo, 60, whose current “reform jar” population has been widely criticized.

As a result of their responsibilities, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, 63, Esteban Lazo, 76, head of parliament, Ulysses Gillarte, 56, secretary of the Central Union of Workers, Theresa Amarell, 56, secretary of the Women’s Confederation, and Roberto Morales, 53, deputy prime minister.

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In the event of a pandemic, a scientist named Martha Ayala, 54, who is already a member of the Political Bureau, may be joined by Vicente Verez, 67, director of the Finlay Institute of Vaccines.

Finally, given the weight of Havana in national life, Luis Antonio Torres Iribar, 55, the party’s first secretary in the capital, may also make his entry.