July 1, 2022

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Videotron Cablowvision Warwick | Wyatt News

Videotron Cablowvision Warwick |  Wyatt News

Videotron has acquired Cablovision Warwick, a telecommunications company active in the Center-du-Quebec region for 47 years.

The company serves the municipalities of Warwick, Kingsey Falls and Saint-Felix-de-Kingsey.

“If Cablowision Warwick is so respected and popular in the region, it’s thanks to the tremendous work done by David Ovalet and his family over the past four decades,” Pierre Carl Peladio said during a statement Thursday that Videotron, a subsidiary of President and Chief Executive Officer Quebecore. We are proud to partner with another family business to provide the best in telecommunications. ”

A press release announcing the transaction – not to mention its totality – stated that “in the coming months, the Center-du-Quebec company’s currently operating homes will be able to jump into the videotron network so that they can benefit from all of its products and services”. At this point, it said, “Current Cablowision Warwick customers can continue to use their services as usual.”

“We have a firm intention to invest in existing infrastructure to provide our range of products on the fringes of technology to the citizens and businesses of the cities where Cablovision Warwick currently serves,” said President Jean-Franకోois Pronayu and Chief Executive Officer of VideoTron.

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