July 1, 2022

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Calm Foucault – TVA Sports

Calm Foucault - TVA Sports

Quebec goaltender Zachary Foucault has good reason to be smiling these days because he recently signed Two year contract extension With Washington Capitals.

This pot on the back, 25-year-old Porter deserves it. After leaving the Canadians in 2018, Foucault dragged his bundle from the American League to the ECHL, to the Spengler Cup.

Following a strong start to the season with Hershey Bears in the American League, he will receive the prize.

“This is an action that gives me confidence from the capitals,” the favorite athlete told GIC on Thursday

“My journey has gone a long way, he added. Signing my current contract for another two years is a great gift (…) really good for working for the next two years (peace of mind).”

Elected in the second round by CH in the 2013 draft, Foucault’s path seemed to be drawn: the Laval native was going to do his classes, then wearing a blue, white and red uniform. It was not. Some are bitter, but Foucault is not that kind of man.

“My time with the Canadians, it’s my goal to be able to play hockey for as many years (…) as possible,” he recalled. I’m a special person who can do this job. This is always a challenge. There are times of frustration, no doubt. The time I was looking for myself. Very “tough” times. “

“But I’m very determined by the people I know,” he continued. I keep working every day, I love the work I do and I am really happy with the policies that are happening now. ”

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Because CH is all right, but that’s not all. It turns out that Foucault has taken advantage of his various experiences in recent years.

“I’m sorry for everything that happened (…) my dream is to play for Canadians,” he explained. That dream did not come true, but I was in the National League, and I was instrumental in some of the games. I have seven or eight training camps in the National League. I’m here, I’m living my dream! ”

“I’m somewhere else, I do a lot of things and it gives me the opportunity to have great experiences,” Foucault also suggested.

Furthermore, Quebec has the impression that it is more sports than ever.

“I saw myself as a ‘goller’, he admitted at first. I had to wonder how I was playing. For the last two, three years, with the Spengler cups, it feels like last year in Florida, I created a better system, I really believe it works for me. ”

Finally, Foucault did not hesitate to throw flowers at his former coach Dominic Ducharm, with whom he had enormous success at QMJHL. He believes Ducham, who now runs Hobbs, will do a lot of good for the Montreal organization.

“Dome says real business,” he said. He is 100% honest. He can succeed wherever he goes and he has proven it at every level. I have no doubt about his ways. The way he behaves, the way he communicates, he brings nothing but positivity to the club. “

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