March 30, 2023

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Public Sector | CSQ thinks the latest offers are not enough

Public Sector |  CSQ thinks the latest offers are not enough


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The General Council met during the day, and on Thursday morning, CSQ’s 73,000 primary and secondary teachers announced that they would take a break for the day from 12:01 to 9 a.m. on April 14th. : 30 am Its aim is to disrupt school administration above all else by minimizing the consequences on educational services.

Like other members of the CSQ in the education sector, the strike order they have already spoken of is one of the five day strikes that need to be implemented in a timely manner.

Conceil du Treser has continued to propose a 5% pay rise over three years, but an increase of 400 million if the inflation rate exceeds the 5% limit and the Quebec government continues its growth forecast.

CSQ President Sonia Ethereum, President of the Consulate du Treasure Sonia Label, described her proposal this week as fair and generous, not living like the CSQ unions.

OmTo me Ethereum criticized the government for increasing its offers with ideological and provisional sums, refusing to give significant financial margins to improve the working conditions of the sectors.

CSQ is asking for 3% in three years for sector negotiations.

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