May 25, 2022

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Daily Health – I tested: 10,000 feet per year

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According to WHO recommendations, you can travel 7 to 10 km per day depending on the person to stay in shape. What seems easy in a week or month is much less in the long run. We tried.

Walking like this group is the best way to reduce the risk of chronic disease.

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Walk10 ‘000 feet on Sunday walk: nothing is easier. Ditto when we were Work Outdoors or on a diet. The deal is different when we arest employee In the tertiary field. Because in general, 10000 steps are represented Between 7 and 10Km, Depending on the individual.

When the WHO recommends walkingMake such a distance Each Today, we wonder if the recommendation is realistic Chronic. The answer is no. One study found that 75% of French people do notNot successful. This data on this side of Jura should not be fundamentally different. So, s to seeTo get there, I have Tried. The challenge? Spend at least 366 Days in a row (2020 bisSextile) without going down the gauge Five digits.

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