July 1, 2022

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Masters Tournament: Justin Rose in his own class

Masters Tournament: Justin Rose in his own class

Augusta | Surprise, surprise! Justin Rose emerged from the fog he had been missing for months with a great performance on the Augusta National course on Thursday.

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With the opening round 65 (-7), the 40-year-old flew into the competition at the Britain Masters Tournament. The current Olympic champion is Imperial, no less.

So much so, that we thought he had embarked on a different course. As proof, he avoids competition by four strokes.

His eagle and his seven birdies quickly fixed his two bugs. He started with one bug and inserted another into the seventh hole. A kick from behind that pushed him into the fiery order. From 8E From 18 toE In penance, he cut less than nine ordinary punches.


Rose gave a real clinic by playing darts with pennants. His round seemed so easy to tell, at least from the 8thE.

“I did well on celery. I was able to understand well and read the lines. 8 If I had been told when to climb the moundE I was going to finish with a score of 65 and I replied that I had no chance.

“It’s not the end of the world until then,” he said. But I knew I was going in the wrong direction. Even with 65 you can not win the tournament on Thursday. Of course, you lose it. I was not afraid.

“This course is set up to play tricks,” said a major career title winner, at the 2013 US Open. It’s incredible round. Here’s a great reminder that you never know what’s coming up. “

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While Brian Harman and Hideki were trailing at Matsuyama-3, the big guns had a working day.

Augusta National President in bold letters during the tournament indicated that the course would show exceptional conditions. This presents an incredible challenge for golfers. He did not lie.

Crazy conditions

The stiffness and speed of the surfaces slowed down the participants in the opening round. Drying the surfaces added air during the afternoon, and the course took on a demonic appearance.

“It’s harder than November, especially when it’s so fast and windy,” testified 74 (+2) card writer Defending Champion Dustin Johnson.

The champion of the 2018 edition, Patrick Reed, gave a different look at the tactics to be followed in such situations, especially in the attack of certain penalties. He adjusted his policies to par 5s, as in 15E Pennant, protected at the front by a pond.

“In the afternoon, it was impossible to catch the ball on such a bright green. I saw the balls hit the skin and bounce off the pennant and bounce green. We have to think and adopt the right strategy,” explained the American who signed the 70 (-2) card.

On the slide for several weeks, Rory McIlroy worked very hard at the start of the tournament. He said the wind played bad tricks on him, especially when the flags were approaching.

“It’s complicated to put the ball under the cut on the celery to give the birdies a chance.”

Only 12 golfers are equal.

Henrik Stenson had the best performance on celery with 24 pounds.

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Among the highlights of the day, Tommy Fleetwood achieved the feat of a hole in the 16thE, With a strong 9 iron over a distance of 170 yards. It’s 23E There is history.

Live from Augusta

Golfers backed it up and suffered off course in the opening round. In response to a record score of less than par (152) for the 2020 edition, the competition committee of Augusta National prepared a real challenge. The 69 scores above illustrate the level of challenge. In the first round of the 1936 edition, only two golfers played equally or better, which remains a record.

One of the highlights of Day One is Rory McIlroy. And it wasn’t because of his game, on the contrary, because he opened with 76 (+4). In his second shot from the tall grass at 7 p.m.E, He hit his father Gerry in the calf. He was running quietly through the pit to the right of the green when the ball hit him. He was 40 yards to the right of the goal. Four ! When asked what his father would get for this mistake, McIlroy replied, “He’s been looking at all sorts of things with me for years. He wants to put ice on his calf. I autograph her bag of frozen peas. ”

The weather was back across the Augusta National. We heard estimated audience reactions between 5,000 and 10,000 spectators. It does a lot of good. Of course no one was stacked on their feet. Roars allow to detect bursts of brightness. In town, you can experience the excitement of te enthusiasts until dawn. Augusta came back to life.

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Among the novelties of 2021, there is the new sandwich to the traditional choice. Chicken salad sandwich is delicious to fill a hole. Visitors can taste it for around $ 3. And to help spread it out, a refreshing new local beer cross nest with a historic room in the pavilion’s gable is on sale for $ 5.

Former PGA Tour Caddy and colleague Johan Benson lost $ 20 in damage to Canadians Maple Leafs. “Yogi” CH wins with Canadian Mackenzie Hughes. Three minutes before departure yesterday morning, by pointing towards the tea, “Mack” collected his deadline. He folded it before hitting a perfect Woodblock 3 to start his tournament and included it in his distant book. Winnipeg men’s coach Derek Ingram, who saw the absurd scene, put another $ 20 bill on the Hubs-Jets game yesterday.