December 4, 2022

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New health rule: Should the mask be worn outside?

New health rule: Should the mask be worn outside?

The obligation to wear a mask during outdoor activities comes into effect on Thursday without fan rage.

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On Friday morning, many were unaware that they would have to wear a face mask while playing outside, while others were frustrated with this new rule.

Here is what you need to know about this new measure:

It is mandatory to wear a mask or face mask during outdoor activities by two or more people who do not live at the same address.

This measurement applies to red and orange zones and areas where emergency measures apply.

However, some exceptions apply:

– People sitting at a distance of two meters can remove their mask;

– Those who practice solo activities are not required to wear face covering;

– Children under 10 are not required to wear a mask;

– Those with a medical condition are not required to wear a face mask;

– Elementary school students are not required to wear a mask during school activities;

– No need to wear swimming and water sports face cover.

Therefore this statement which affects all those who practice public activities has a lot of response.

Basketball players who met TVA Novelles said they were unaware of the existence of this new rule and that its application was difficult.

“I don’t see five people playing with a mask, which makes me feel very critical,” one of them said.

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One cannot believe that one can play his sport by wearing face covering.

“If we have to wear masks, I think we will stop playing basketball because it’s not possible, in my opinion, to play with a mask,” he said.

Still change

Late on Friday, the government changed the rules for this measure once again.

In an email to TVA Novels in the morning, the Department of Health and Social Services indicated that “this rule applies to groups of more than 2 people who do not live together and play golf, street joggers, cycling, etc.”

“It’s not [obligation] Applies to everyone [qui] Practice leisure or sporting activities (including outdoor playing, walking, running, golfing, etc.) in a group of more than two people (hence 3 people and more) who do not live in the same residence ”, Miss.

However, the new version of the regulation makes no mention of this statement.

“When a distance of 2 meters is not respected, at all times and for the entire duration of an activity, when there are two or more persons who do not live at the same address […], Wearing a face cover or mask of interference is mandatory, one will write in the update.

This means that if the two-meter distance is respected at all times, it will be possible to play golf, walk and jog without wearing a mask.

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