July 5, 2022

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The PC gaming show joins forces with the Future Games show

The PC gaming show joins forces with the Future Games show

PC Gamer and GameRadar bring their presentations in digital format.

Meetings PC gaming show And Future Games Show As part of an evening associated with the 2021 edition, there will be one after another on June 13 for chain announcements of all kinds (trailers, cinematics, gameplay sequences, technical shows, unpublished information, interviews, promotions). E3.

  • The PC Gaming Show launched in 2015 with the goal of bringing computer gameware makers and manufacturers under one roof, highlighting the dynamism of the open gaming platform. The conference is the largest broadcaster dedicated to PC gaming that will reach 5.9 million viewers on all platforms by 2020.
  • Future Games Show Games is Radar’s major digital showcase, launched in June 2020 and presented by unnamed stars Nolan North and Emily Rose. The event includes the Future Games Show on Gamecom in August 2020 and the Future Games Show: Spring Showcase last March.

Revise Le PC Gaming Show 2020

Editor-in-Chief Ivan Lahti at PC Gamer on the creation of the PC Gaming Show event: “E3 has always had PC gaming, but in an age where only big press conferences are held by console manufacturers and publishers like EA and Ubisoft, PC news has always come after marketing budget requirements. Console. PC gaming console gaming is not the only way to look better, it is a different platform with its own games, genres and subcultures. As PC gaming experienced a new golden age in 2010, it became irrelevant that our favorite platform E3 did not have its own platform. We have been dreaming for years of what this PC-centric e3 lounge will look like. Finally, in 2015, we stopped dreaming and made that dream come true, and the PC gaming show was born.

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