December 9, 2023

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Unnecessary businesses closed: Swimming pool experts condemn inequalities

Unnecessary businesses closed: Swimming pool experts condemn inequalities

Pool experts deny the government’s instability, believing it is not necessary to start their own business, but products for swimming pools are available at many large chain stores.

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Martin Perrault, director of the three-branch operations of Club Piskin in the Quebec City area, said while he was struggling to digest the temporary closure of its three stores, large chains were ready for him to sell exclusive products.

“We are closed, but supermarkets also sell swimming pool products and accessories, outdoor furniture and garden vampires,” he laments.

On the same date last year, his business was open, because it was urgent. This year, it should close without explanations. Only online and telephone purchases are allowed.

“Tons of customers are knocking at our doors,” Mr. Perrault drops, as they often do not shop elsewhere.

“When you get into Canac‌, and you can choose what you want, it’s hard to accept the situation,” he notes.

Same story with the Trevi company. Alain Gravel, director of marketing, believes that injustice has been done to supermarkets. The online shopping process discourages customers and encourages them to go for businesses that are still open.

“I want the epidemic to be solved, but I want it to be fair,” Gravel argued.

Fractions are expected

The Ministry of Finance points out that “the choice of categories of companies that can continue to welcome customers is first established based on an individual’s basic needs and the need to obtain the goods and services they need in anyone”.

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“The government is aware of the importance of running a business establishment for an entrepreneur. Therefore, it is recommended for all merchants to pick up at online or telephone commerce, store delivery or at the edge of the store,” said spokesman Jean-Pierre de Atuil.

He said the categories of goods needed to meet seasonal needs or for equity between different categories of businesses are defined more broadly than detailed lists.

“Some differences on the important role of certain products are expected between businesses and adjustments can be made if necessary,” he concluded.

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