March 21, 2023

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“He’s on the lineup because of his name.”

"He's on the lineup because of his name."

The recent performances of the Montreal Canadians indicate that head coach Dominic Ducharm will have to make changes to his list for Friday’s game against the Calgary Flames.

The question arises: who will be left by Dacharm in the next meetings? The answer to analyst Maxim Lapierre is clear …

Eric Stall had the first match of his dreams in the Hubs uniform, but the striker could not continue where he left off. However, Stall was fourth on young Jake Evans’ injury.

“Eric Stall, by playing him now, the message you send to the team and to Jake Evans is that the man from Buffalo, the values ​​are not so pretty, who does nothing and who still deserves his ice time,” Lapierre told TVA Sportsఏ on Thursday.

The former CH striker adds that “he was in the stall lineup because of his name”.

He also went to Evans’ defense, believing the young player should never give up training.

“This guy is doing well. He didn’t change the look of the game, but he got others to give him more performance on the ice. ”

From the deal that brought Eric Stall to Montreal, the Blue-Blanc-Rouge have signed only two wins in six games. In this series, Eric Stahl scored only one goal, without collecting an assist and posting a differential of -7. The 36-year-old veteran took eight shots on goal.

Lapierre claimed that Stall was not the only one responsible for the club’s plight. Away there.

“There were a lot of passengers every night. You three at night, not 12. ”

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Unwilling to add fuel to the fire, the “Dave Morissette Live” team showed that the Sabers had shown good results since Eric Stahl’s departure.

Of the Hurricanes’ formerly infamous 11 games, Buffalo won five of 11 games, including six wins in 32 games for Stall.

Watch the video above.