December 8, 2023

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Quebec-Ontario border closure: a transportation challenge

Quebec-Ontario border closure: a transportation challenge

Early Friday morning, Quebec announced it was closing its border with Ontario.

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In an interview with TVA Novels, the Minister of Public Safety and Quebec Deputy Premier Genevieve Gilbolt reiterated that his government was still in talks with Ontario about the terms of the decision.

“You have to understand that there will be clear exceptions. It makes sense there. To give you an example, there are people who, in fact, have to go to work from one province to another, there are people who need to be educated, there are people who need to be treated, care has to be provided, and so on. Genevieve Gilbolt explained.

The two provinces must also coordinate the work of its police forces.

“All these are being discussed so that we can be fully prepared for Monday. But the principle is, apparently, one of the precautionary measures, which is the principle of protection and security of our two populations. We know what’s happening in Ontario right now, ”said the Minister of Public Safety.

Delayed decision?

Many Quebecs blamed the Quebec government for not closing the border quickly. Some are concerned about the number of Ontarians assembling in cabins in Quebec as COVID-19 cases have been on the rise for several weeks.

Genevieve Gilbolt replied that negotiations with Ontario had been going on for a long time.

“What is it?” Every time a question is asked, whether it’s the roadblocks in Quebec or the border of other borders, there are talks going on, especially with Ontario. The decision was made today, “she told TVA Novelles.

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Closing the border with Ontario comes with a formidable logistical challenge, especially surrounding the transportation of goods.

However, the time has come for the government to take action.

“We have reached a stage where, really, the concern is at its height. We do not want to go through the same thing that Ontario is experiencing now. These differences have emphasized everyone, especially the British variant,” the minister explained.

“And we, in Quebec, are in an emergency; Outtoys, things are not going well either. So, as a precautionary measure and considering the epidemiological situation here, we have reached the stage where the border has to be closed, ”she said.

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