June 5, 2023

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The new strike was announced on April 27: see list of relevant schools

The new strike was announced on April 27: see list of relevant schools

Approximately 73,000 teachers Who walked out on Wednesday Lightning strikes again on April 27.

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The Federation of Teachers Unions (FSE-CSQ) and the Provincial Association of Teachers of Quebec (APEQ-QPAT) announced on Friday that the second protest would take place from 2:45 pm to 5 pm.

Some 58 service centers and school boards will be affected by the walkout, which the two unions said was part of a five-day equivalent strike order.

The first picket line was observed on Wednesday morning to put pressure on the school administration, with talks with the government still making mistakes on a number of issues.

“Since the announcement of our first strike action, it is clear that work on the tables has progressed, but the priority expressed by teachers is not yet sufficient to meet the demands,” said Josie Scholabrini, president of the FSE-CSQ.

“With the necessary political will, we can not only attract teachers to our profession, but also move towards an agreement that retains them,” she said.

“Teachers are tired and want real recognition for their work, as well as changes that will significantly improve their daily lives,” said QPAT President Heidi Yetman.

Without an employment contract of more than one year, teachers are particularly demanding better pay, reduction of workload and more services.

Here is a list of the relevant 58 service centers and school boards.


Harikana (SEUAT-CSQ)

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Lac-Tamiscamingue (SEUAT-CSQ)

Or-at-des-Bois (SEUAT-CSQ)

Ruin-Noranda (SEUAT-CSQ)


Fleeve-at-des-Locks (SEGP-CSQ)

Camouraska – Riviere-du-Loop (SEGP-CSQ)

Montes-at-Mary (SERM-CSQ)

Forest (SERM-esq)


Charlevoix (SEC-CSQ)

Inventors (SEDR-CSQ)

Portnef (SEP-CSQ)


Boise-Franks (SEBF-CSQ)

Chinese (SERD-CSQ)

River (SELR-CSQ)


Appalachians (SEA-CSQ)

Beauce-Etchemin (SEC-CSQ)

South Coast (SECS-CSQ)

Browsers (SEDR-CSQ)

North Coast

History (SEHCN-CSQ)


Average North Coast (SERF-CSQ)

Literal (SERF-CSQ and LNSETA)


Hotspots (SEE-CSQ)

Sharebrook Region (SEE-CSQ)

Peaks (SEE-CSQ)

Gaspe Peninsula – Magdalene Islands

Chick-Chocks (STEEQ-CSQ)

Islands (STEEQ-CSQ)


Laurentides (SEEL-CSQ)

Hots-Laurentides (Pierre-Navy) (SPEHR-CSQ)

Riviere-du-Nord (SERN-CSQ)


Wealthy (SERM-CSQ)

Samares (SEL-CSQ)


Kemin-du-Roy (SEVF-CSQ)

Energy (SEM-CSQ)


Grandes-Signiers (APL-CSQ)


Mary-Victorine (Champlain-CSQ)

Patriots (Champlain-CSQ)

Saint-Hycinth (SEVM-CSQ)

Sorrel-Tracy (SEBR-CSQ)

Three lakes (SERV-CSQ)

Wally-des-Tisserands (Champlain-CSQ)

Northern Quebec

By-James (SEUAT-CSQ)


Hots-Bois-de-Eltois (SPEHR-CSQ)

Sagune – Lock-Saint-Jean

Zonquier (SELJ-CSQ)

Lock-Saint-Jean (SELAC-CSQ)

Pace-des-Blues (SELH-CSQ)

Reeves-du-Sagune (SES-CSQ)

On the English speaking side, APEQ-QPAT is represented

Central Quebec School Board (CQTA-SECQ) Eastern Shores School Board (ESTA-AEES) Eastern Townships School Board (ATA-AEA) English-Montreal School Board (MTA-AEEM) Lester B. Pearson School Board (PTU-SEP) School Board New Frontiers (CVTA-AECV) Riverside School Board (RTU-SER) Sir-Wilfried-Laurier School Board (LTU-SEL) Western Quebec School Board (WQTA-AEOQ)