May 23, 2022

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Ford government clarifies police powers and opens playgrounds | Coronavirus: Ontario

Ford government clarifies police powers and opens playgrounds |  Coronavirus: Ontario

Someone must provide the information requested by a police officer or regulatory enforcement agent, the Solicitor General’s ministry spokesman explained in an email Saturday evening.

At least a dozen police forces announced the matterThey do not apply to actions Announced Friday.

In view of the changes announced by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association on Saturday night, plans to challenge increased police powers in court have been put on hold.

Michael Bryant, Director of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jacqueline Hansen

According to its director, Michael Bryant, a former attorney general under regional liberals, Saturday’s reformed order is linked to public health and avoids arbitrary arrests.

Liberal leader Steven del Duca has accused the government of sowing chaos. He believes the prime minister does not respect human rights and does not consider scientific evidence.

Children's playground in summer

The province wants to prevent people from gathering on the grounds.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Michelle Aspirot

Earlier today, Premier Doug Ford confirmed in a Twitter post that the ground was open.

He explained that the government’s goal is to reduce the congestion that causes the coronavirus to spread rapidly.

Faced an uncontrolled increase in COVID-19 cases, Ontario ordered FridayThe population stays at home for six weeks, severely restricting interprovincial travel and empowering police to enforce health measures.

Doug Ford asks parents to respect physical distance and wear a mask when bringing children out.

The mayor of Brampton, a suburb of Toronto, did not agree with the measure announced Friday.

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Patrick Brown also signaled on Twitter that he was going to contact the municipal council and city legal services.

The mayor thanked the prime minister for stepping down immediately, but suggested that talks should be held about other public facilities that would allow exercise.

Toronto Mayor John Tory also applauded the decision, which it represents Improvement for all.

Notice of closure of park facilities affixed to the fence of the baseball field.

Many are complaining that outdoor activities are limited.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Pascal Brunial

Dr. Isaac Bogoch, a member of the Provincial Immunization Working Group, also welcomed the face. In a Twitter post‌, this one Smart decision It allowed for physical activity and it contributed to the mental health of the population.

In a previous message, he criticized the closure of playgrounds and public facilities and recalled that the risk of outdoor broadcasting was low. He invited people to wear a mask if they could not maintain a distance of two meters.

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