July 7, 2022

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MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS: Project Montreal eyes Will Prosper not rejecting this idea

MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS: Project Montreal eyes Will Prosper not rejecting this idea

Mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plante, Confirms her interest in documentary filmmaker and activist Will Prosper‌, who “definitely” represents the man who wants to “surround himself” in the next municipal election. The main interested party, which wants to run for Montreal-North mayor, has not ruled out the idea of ​​joining the Project Montreal ranks.

“Will is the reason I am an appreciative person, he can name, among other things, what is happening in Montreal-North, but he can also be involved in this field and with whom do I want to be surrounded?”, M.To me Plante, Interview Destiny. “We need restoration in Montreal-North,” she adds.

The documentary producer confirmed that he had “contacted” the mayor, with the possibility of a recent discussion with him.

“Actually I’m thinking about the different options that present themselves,” Prosper said. However, the latter “has a lot to consider” before making a formal decision.

“A sting” for politics

Former Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer, Will Prosper has been a documentary filmmaker for many years. He is also the co-founder of Hoodstock, an organization dedicated to combating systemic inequalities in Montreal-North.

Since the outbreak, the company has been particularly involved in the distribution of tens of thousands of face shields and thousands of ready-made meals to residents in the district. The company also helped distribute laptops and tablets to families in poor areas last year.

So despite his busy schedule, the father of two, Mr. Prosper, is also considering running for Montreal-North mayor or federal politics. The purpose he describes as “the negative impact of a lack of leadership” has benefited the district in recent years.

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“If there was a place last year where we would have to inject huge amounts of funding, especially since it is the hub of COVID, it is in Montreal-North,” he said in an interview. Destiny, Saturday. The artist directly attacks the Myers administration of Borough Bureau Christine Black, who was elected to the post in 2016, formed by Denise Coderre.

“If Myers [Christine Black] He did a good job and his advisers would not even have that sting at home, ”he said of his new interest in politics.

Mr Prosper regrets that there are not many “street workers” in Montreal-North to deal with “public insecurity” in the borough, which has seen a number of shootings in recent months. Just as east of Montreal. The documentary filmmaker emphasized the lack of public transport and green spaces in Montreal-North, mr.To me Plante noted the shortage of social housing.

“It’s still fascinating when you think of the district where the former mayor is [Denis Coderre] Mayor, but where he is deputy, there has never been more than that, no constructive solutions have ever been found. I can’t believe it, “said Project Montreal.

A statement that shook the official opposition Ensemble Montreal.

“Madame Plante is so frustrated that she forgets that she deserves it, that she can only take her leadership and thrive on personal attacks,” said Chantal Rossi, deputy mayor of Montreal-North.To me She was black during maternity leave.

Fight against racism

Will Prosper “did not rule out” the possibility of running as an independent candidate for Montreal-North mayor, if he “did not say no” to entering municipal politics for Project Montreal. However, the activist, who describes himself as an “action man”, wants the district to have “a certain independence” to make decisions that meet his specific needs.

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“This does not mean that some people should go against the way of thinking, if some people expect it from me,” he noted.

With regard to his priorities, if he goes into politics, they remain the same today. These include the fight against systemic racism. Mr. Prosper fights against diversity, inclusion and discrimination, It sent several recommendations to the city in 2019Having a commissioner to fight against racism in the city. A position Occupied by Bochra Manas since last January.

“For me, being sensitive to a problem does not mean we’re going to be in action, there, I’m going to take a step and I see that there’s a wholehearted will,” Mr. Prosper said. Flower for the administration of Valerie Plante.

The role of the police

Will Prosper emphasized his importance by choosing a “more humane” approach to “reviewing police funding.”

“I think we can see how we can do differently, as other countries have already done in other countries,” the documentary filmmaker said. His organization, Hoodstock, is one of a group of coalition members for police “confirmation”. The collective Montreal Party is a critical position.

“By contacting Will Prosper‌, how Myers [Valérie Plante] Can she insist that she does not support the movement that defines the police when one of her key representatives is in her own ranks? Drops Chantal Rossi.

In 2012, Will Prosper tried his luck in regional politics as a candidate Solidarity Quebec In the Bourassa-Save district, in vain. “I knew I was not going to win. It is written in the sky. If I start, this time, I think it’s very likely, ”the activist slipped in, reiterating that his decision had not yet been made.

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Municipal elections will be held on November 7.

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