May 23, 2022

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A wonderful solution for degenerative allergies?

A wonderful solution for degenerative allergies?

It is a somewhat unique treatment that cures evil by evil. Let me explain. The idea of ​​submitting an allergen to an allergen, in a way, boosts their immunity and makes them no longer respond when they are. Associated with an allergic factor.

If we contact an allergen with an allergen, we know it will end up with runny nose and sneezing Even tingling or itching. For this reason the stimulus is done in a smart, roundabout manner.

You can use tablets or drops placed on or under the tongue. This area is strategic because it contains cells called presenters Antigen. What makes them special is that they are able to reason with the immune system, to understand that allergy substances that are considered enemies are not so bad. I will skip the technical details. But it’s a bit reassuring, like coxing This is the immune system.

A process for everyone

It’s The process of desensitization For everyone. It targets people with severe allergies, which are not relieved by regular treatments. Hymenoptera can have satisfactory results against toxins, molds or dust, but this is more uncertain.

If you are allergic to cat hair or mites, grass or tree pollen, each patient has its own unique and sometimes multiple allergies that can complicate the situation, if you are ready for this type of treatment, you need to talk about it An allergist. He only has the authority to practice allergic desensitization.

These treatments are mainly intended for those who are tolerant. The desensitization process can take weeks or even months. Treatment lasts between three and five years. If everything goes as expected, you will be safe for a period of five to fifteen years. After this time, we go to recall treatment. Notice that Social security Pays a little, a little for Dot Reimbursement, Up to 30%, And tablets up to 15%.

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