July 3, 2022

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Leakage of personal data of firefighters at Desjardines

Leakage of personal data of firefighters at Desjardines

The issue of confidentiality of information from Desjardins clients reappeared in the middle of a case involving an executive member of the Montreal Fire Association.

Captain Franకోois Rosa resigned as treasurer of the Montreal Fire Association last February.

According to our information, Mr. Rosa has access to confidential information thanks to his wife Julie Chase. Ms. Chase Kais is the manager of the Desjardins Municipal Network, whose main clients are the city’s firefighters and blue collar workers.

Last July, a firefighter complained to the fund. Franకోois Rosa found it strange to have information about his personal financial affairs.

After an investigation, Desjardins discovered a “privacy breach.” “Between 2015 and 2017, an employee who is not employed by the Fund will contact your file without authority, without justifying his duties”, refers to a letter from the Fund, which we received a copy.

Deszardins found that the banking information of the second firefighter was contacted without permission.

“We’re sorry”

The financial institution did not want to elaborate on Ms Chas’ role in the leak, which is content to say it did not comment on employee files. “This is a situation we are worried about,” said Deszardins spokesman Jean-Benoit Turcotti.

Asked if there were any mechanisms in place to detect unauthorized access, Deszardins replied that “as part of their duties, administrators have legal access to Kaisse members’ files to carry out their work.”

Quebec’s largest financial institution has been in a hot seat for two years after a massive data leak from an employee, insisting that its employees adhere to the code of ethics “at all times”.

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The president of the Montreal Fire Association refused to give us an interview.

However, the union has confirmed to us that it is investigating the matter. “The treasurer has no access to anyone’s personal banking information. Any existing flaws could possibly come from the Deszardins municipal network, ”said Alexander Dumas, a national public relations firm who answered our questions.

No disciplinary action

Although Franకోois Rosa was under investigation, the city of Montreal did not take disciplinary action against its employee, who certainly considered the story to be a union.

“The city does not intend to interfere in the union process. The city has the right to take appropriate action depending on the progress of the file and the circumstances,” spokesman Audrey Gautier said.

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To stay at home, 000 130,000

Although Fran Franకోois Rosa has retired from his duties as treasurer, the Montreal Fire Brigade Captain still considers himself an elected officer and claims to be applying the “umption of innocence”.

Therefore, Mr. Rosa continues on union leave. He does not work in the barracks, but the City pays him with his full salary.

Rank The salary of a firefighter of his rank is at least 95,000 per year.

Additionally, the Union pays him a bonus of approximately 000 35,000 per year, for a total salary of $ 130,000.