May 18, 2022

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Small appetite for the Olympic Games in Quebec

Small appetite for the Olympic Games in Quebec

Supporters of Quebec’s candidacy for the 2030 Winter Olympics began their mobilization campaign on Thursday, despite the decisive unfavorable weather for their project.

After the Quebec mayor, Regis Labyum, who completely closed the doors to the event, very warmly welcomed the idea of ​​candidacy from Quebec Genevale Gilbolt, the Deputy Prime Minister.

“Like Mr. LaBeouf, we’re not here, for us, I do not think at the moment,” she announced in a statement today, saying she was afraid of a project that was “expensive” and “complicated”.

However, at a thirty-minute, virtual press conference, the Quebec 2030 movement, a group of business people, tried to showcase their reliance on the Olympic version. Is expected to provide more flexibility.

Olympic athletes Kim Lamar, Charles Hamelin and Michael Kingsbury also came to show their support for the movement.

Another danger

Another fall at the national level, the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) currently appears to be defending a new candidacy from Vancouver for the 2030 meeting, recognizing Quebec initiative founder Mark Charest‌.

The latter also fired an arrow at Regis LaBeouf, saying “the Canadian Olympic Committee has received a negative response from the Quebec mayor”, which “should never happen or should never happen.”

However, we can reduce the bill on the cost and use of existing infrastructure, including some adjustments – or removable ones, including Massif de Charlevoix ‘, Quebec 2030 argues.

For bobsleigh and ski jumping events, the area does not have the necessary equipment, he suggests establishing partnerships with other cities such as Calgary or Vancouver.

However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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The team has a dozen directors, all business luminaries, but Commada investment firm Vice-President Mary-France Pauline is not in her ranks.

“His tenure is now over. She will participate as a collaborator,” Mr Charest commented briefly.

$ 5 billion

Based on previous Canadian bids, the company estimates that games in Quebec will require a budget of $ 5 billion and the potential to inject up to $ 1 billion into the region’s economy. All without deficit, we are assured.

The time to convince all these officers is over, as the official submission of the application should normally take place by mid-2023.

“Ideally, we should align our flute with the town hall in late summer or autumn so that we get into pre-application or application mode,” Mr Charest said.

Mark Charest, who was involved in the return of the NHL to Quebec many years ago, confirmed that he had contacted candidates and the opposition at City Hall to state his policy. However, he did not say whether he would like to turn this into an election issue as the municipal poll is approaching in November.

More broadly, he said, “all governments know about our policy, about our existence.”

“This is a mobilizing, promising social project that provides a common goal for our entire population, Quebecs and Canadians,” he strongly defended.

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